Monday, 24 September 2018

Going Japanese - Sort Of

Going Japanese- sort of- in this haori jacket and my old favourite Moyuru skort. A haori is a kimono jacket traditionally worn over over the kimono and obi sash. I have long admired kimonos on others but was never really sure how they would work for me , that is until I spied this one at a local recycle store late last Summer.

Not being tall and willowy the shorter version seemed a good choice for me and I know as Spring becomes Summer I will have some fun paring it with different things. I can see it with wide leg pants and longer skirts. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

 I must admit I fell for the wonderfully patterned fabric and these wonderful sleeves. Another bonus was the beautiful cream silk lining , don't you love a two in one.

 Spring has arrived in full force with some warm and sunny days , I have been spending quite a bit of time in my garden getting things in some sort of order before we leave for Europe in a couple of weeks. I also have been trying to work out my clothing for my six week trip, a bit tricky as it will be both warm and cold, so many layering items will be packed. Shoes are the perennial problem , comfort as well as stylish is the only way to go. How many always the question.

Wearing a genuine haori, Moyuru skort, Trippen sandals, Karen Walker sunnies, bangles and beads, recycled.
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Monday, 17 September 2018

Spring Blossoms In The Pink

The beauty of Spring Blossoms in all their pink glory is always a sight to behold. These pink beauties are the star of the show in the garden of my sister Lyn. We both inherited our love of creating gardens from our late mother.

Berry tones and grey were my colour choice for today's outfit. Starting with the grey silk trench style coat from Ginger and Smart worn over a grey knit from Lisa Ho, that is many moons old but I love its row of pearl grey buttons. I topped the coat with a berry velvet capelet , my first purchase from a small Melbourne designer Mickey in the Van. I must admit that maybe in hindsight as much as I love the colour it may have been a mistake as I really have very little in my wardrobe to pair this with.
My other berry element was my Kikomarina skirt , a recycle find some time ago.

My token pink item is the dusty pink Helen Kaminski hat, an old favourite that has been with me for many a Winter.

I always find that Spring is a time of renewal on so many levels and happily ponder the changes that a new season brings. I have a few things on my list that I hope to do, revisit my Spanish language classes that I did many years , take some photography classes to improve my skills and learn more editing , more travel is on the radar and some volunteering , where not quite sure yet .
On another note I have decided to stop colouring my hair and see where I it takes me , just as well I enjoy hats and head wraps , I see many in my future during the growing out process.

Halfway through taking the photos the rain arrived and out came my hot pink and black umbrella.
Spring rain is always welcome as it prepares the garden for the possibly warm, dry Summer.
We are lucky here in Tasmania as we have had Winter rain unlike many areas of Australia that are suffering drought conditions.

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Monday, 10 September 2018

Where Does The Time Go?

 Do you ever find yourself asking the question - where did that time go? . I know I certainly do and even more so as the years flash by. Tomorrow , September 11th., is my 42nd wedding anniversary and I have really no idea where those years have gone.

 It really does seem like yesterday that John and I were this young couple walking down the aisle about to begin our life together.
You can tell it was in the 70's , my gown was a magnolia coloured satin and John' s suit was brown velvet worn with a cream satin shirt with the pointiest collar. I still have no idea what possessed me
to have my hair permed- it was a shocker. My bridesmaids wore apricot satin and the men also wore brown velvet with apricot shirts and brown ties.
We were married in our local Uniting church(mainly to please my mother) and our reception was held at a nearby wedding reception centre.

 I met John at a twenty first birthday party for a girl I was working with at the time, he was the drummer in the band playing. We met in November 1973 , the photo above was taken at a dinner , not sure of the details now but it may have been a Kodak Christmas function.
John was a little older than me, drove an MGB sports car,  had a university degree and was so much more sophisticated than my former boyfriends. Needless to say I was smitten.

 Revisting the site of our first date, the Batman Bridge. John collected me in his MG and after a leisurely drive we stopped here for a picnic by the river. I still remember being very impressed when he produced a bottle of wine and wine glasses. I know how this sounds but I was a young, rather naive girl from a small town.

Our marriage , as all long marriages do, has had its share of joys and sadness . We have seen our sons grow into fine young men , had the joy of welcoming a beautiful daughter-in-law into our family and fairly soon we will have a little grandson to spoil.
We also endured the sadness of a brain tumour diagnosis for our little girl , India , followed by the heartache of her passing. We learned to accept that we all grieve in our own way and our memories hold a special place in our heart.

 John and I share a love of travel , discovering new places both in our state , mainland Australia and overseas. In fact this is one thing we bonded on from the start. At the time I was working two jobs to save for my first overseas trip, I waited a couple of years and we went together, touring Europe in a VW camper van, returning home overland via Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.
Our next overseas trip was to the U.S. , Mexico and Canada and back to the U.K. . I also went to South America , while John went skiing in both the U.S. and Canada and did an Outward Bound course in Colorado.
Maybe, this is the secret to our marriage's longevity , shared interests as well as time doing our own thing.

Today's outfit is a red leather Caroline Moore jacket over a bright print Nicola Waite top and a Moyuru skirt. Paired with red clipon earrings, red vintage cap, black and white Preen sunnies, navy patent leather and velvet shoes by Neo.
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Sunday, 2 September 2018

Pattern Play To Start Spring

Spring has officially arrived and to start the new season I am determined to play a little with pattern mixing, I know graphic and spots is not wildly imaginative but we all have start somewhere.

Nothing like a playground to release the inner child, especially when it just happens to match your outfit. Sometimes , life gets a bit too serious and the simple pleasures of playing and exploring are overlooked. 

 Today's outfit consists of a graphic black and white top from Paula Ryan, Moyuru black and white spot pants from last Summer, a red wool long vest that I have had for so long I have no idea of its origins , mixed red, black and black and white bangles and Clomp brogues .(the pattern is actually black, white and red eyes).

Things here are fairly busy at present with quite a bit to be done in my garden, the finishing touches to our upcoming trip and of course I have to plan my travel wardrobe and I am doing a few hours a week at a local card and gift store. 

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