Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Black and White Florals

Today's post , albeit a little late due to a computer hiccup, features many of the things that bring joy into my life. Starting with the joy of wearing black and white in Summer, today it is this loose floral shirt , an old favourite so cool and comfortable on a warm day.

This little guy named Raffy joined our family three years ago and is such a character and poses beautifully for the camera.

Shoes, of course, have to feature on my list. These embroidered mules from a local shoe store are a new addition to the collection this season.

Roses , mostly heritage, always perfumed are a passion of mine .Over the last 15 years my rose collection has grown to well over 100 and for a few glorious weeks in late Spring, early Summer they fill the air with their glorious scent. I enjoy nothing more than picking bunches of my roses to share with family and friends.

I have collected bangles in all colours, shapes and composition for many years, some are bakelite, some resin, some plastic. I have uncovered gems in thrift shops for a dollar or two , others bought retail often when I am travelling, the perfect souvenir.

 My garden always brings me much joy, there is always a surprise like these frilly orange Oriental poppies. Gardening for me is a creative process, I think of it as painting with flowers.

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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Spring Greens

On a warm and sunny  late Spring day I donned a mixture of Spring greens to visit the rhododendron gardens at the Punchbowl Reserve , a favourite local parkland and  picnic area.The rhododendrons were planted here many years ago and are a spectacular sight in full bloom.
 The freshness of all the new Spring growth is a sight I never tire of as I know in a very short time the green will turn to brown as the dry of Summer kicks in.
On the clothing front , green is one of those colours I always find rather tricky, finding just the right shade for me can be a challenge.I was delighted last year when I found this chartreuse green linen duster coat , I knew it would be a valuable asset to my wardrobe and would work back with so many of my old favourites.Two of those favourites are paired with the jacket today, the paler green cardigan with its lace inserts and edgeing is by Lisa Ho and has been with me for so long I no longer recall exactly when she came home and wide leg pants from a suit by Amy Rigg .

 Shoes from Sergio Rossi , that I still love but find a bit more tricky to wear these days paired with a pretty , silk embroidered bag that I found in a local charity shop.

 My glorious green hat with its floral fabric crown is by talented Tasmanian milliner Susan McArthur.
Today's finishing touches are a couple of bangles that I discovered at a little shop in an arcade in Paris last year , a white vintage necklace and a pair of white daisy clip on earrings.(these reminded me why I had my ears pierced way back when.)
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Monday, 6 November 2017

A Celebration And A Special Find

 A celebration was in order as today's post marks the fourth anniversary of Grownup Glamour.
What better way to celebrate than donning a rather special find , a Vivienne Westwood cardigan
that found its way home after I discovered it at a Vintage Red Fox last week.

 It seems hard to believe that four years have passed since I hit publish for the first time.Long time readers of the blog know that this started as a challenge to myself as I was turning 60. I had no idea of the connections I would make with like minded souls around the world. I have gleaned so much on a vast variety of interests from fellow bloggers.
The world of blogging has changed , with many bloggers opting for the relative ease of Instagram, that said I hope to continue along my own way. On my recent trip to Melbourne I was approached by a lady who read the blog and enjoyed my style - I must admit this made my day.

Now to my special find - the Vivienne Westwood cardigan , not something you usually would find in my small town but there it was in black and white and in my size - some things are just meant to be.
Today the cardigan was paired with my faithful Moyuru skirt , a white cami, my Trippen sandals and a straw boater.
The buttons on the cardigan display one of the symbols that feature in Vivienne Westwood's garments-this one is the Orb.It resembles the Sovereign Orb,which is one of the British Crown Jewels,that was created for the coronation of King Charles11. I have read conflicting ideas on why this is used as a symbol, one is that Vivienne is the Queen of British fashion , another a more rebellious notion. Either way, I just love the buttons.
Trippen Happy sandals , that I purchased last Summer were just perfect for today and no doubt will make many blog appearances over Summer.

Thank you to everyone who takes time to read my blog and leave a comment, you make my day.

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