Monday, 29 May 2017

Dream Another Dream

The title for today's post is taken from a poem by Patience Strong , an English poet and writer.
I uncovered a little book of her poems dating back to 1951 recently in a box of my mother's things
when sorting out the loft. The words of this particular poem resonated with me at this point in time.
" We do not always get the things we wanted most of all - but something else is given in its place.
We leave the road we started on ; we hear another call-and find there is another path to trace.
We think we know what's best for us, we plot and plan and scheme-to reach the shining goal we have in view-but oftentimes we find we have to dream another dream.

I must admit to being very unsettled since my trip to both Japan and then to Adelaide . I know this
will pass in time as I continue to search for a new purpose and direction.
Today's outfit is a mixture of items from my closet ,that have featured on the blog previously, just not together and on viewing the results possibly not again.Oh well , win some, loose some.

 I must admit to being rather pleased with my red Ara suede boots with the black and white spot tights, they are from several seasons ago and so very comfortable. Sadly the local shoe shop they are from will be closing shortly , no doubt to be replaced with another boring chain store.

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Black , Nature's Gold and Tassie History

Black was the order of the day for a visit to the charming , historical village of Ross in Tasmania's
midlands. The visit was twofold , to catch up with our longtime friends , Tim and Wendy who moved there some years ago and also ( for John at least) to view an annual collectable car display.

Ross was an important stopover point between Launceston and Hobart in Colonial times , a town where the coaches changed horses . The town also has a role in our convict past , the Ross Female Factory , was operated here from 1848 to 1853. The site operated as a factory as well as a hiring depot, an overnight station for female convicts travelling between settlements, a maternity hospital and a nursery.Hundreds of female convicts passed through the Ross Female Factory during its years of operation , including some of my ancestors. These women were usually convicted of extremely petty crimes ( records show details such as stealing handkerchiefs or food items), their main crime was simply being poor.

On a brighter note , the late Autumn colours on the main street were just spectacular , a couple of the cars from the car display can be seen amongst the colour.

The convict built sandstone bridge was built in 1830 and is the third oldest bridge still in use in Australia today.

Today was one of those days when only black felt right for me, so as I often do when choosing black I opted for a mix of textures.My black leather coat is by Caroline Moore , made in New Zealand, old black pants with a satin stripe , a velvet scarf , black wool hat and black Preen sunnies. The only touch of colour was my mult- coloured fingers on my gloves, purchased last year in Lisbon.

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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Black , Leopard Print and Some Murals

Sheffield , a small town in the north west of my state, is known as the town of murals. The town once a centre for industry and agriculture has reinvented itself as an arts community. The murals feature pictorial characters and stories that depict the town's history.

There is also an Annual Mural Fest that attracts artists from all over the world. These are just a couple of murals from this years competition. The relaxed man above very much reminds me of my husband on his annual camping trip.

 This very clever Mural with its reflections is titled "Past and Present".

There was an Autumn chill in the air that called for the donning of a jacket , my black Moyuru swing jacket fitted the bill and teamed perfectly with my old faithful Nicola Waite crop pants. Leopard print called my name in the form of this gifted hat and black leather and leopard gloves and Preen sunnies. 

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Monday, 8 May 2017

My Ode to Autumn

My ode to Autumn is a little late this year , that's the problem when you are away from home for 
nearly six weeks, and the trees are shedding their leaves at a great rate  you capture whatever 
colour you can before it disappears  for this year.

Autumn in Tasmania is my favourite time of year as the days are clear and sunny and the bounty of
nature's harvest is at its peak producing the most wonderful apples and pears. In years past Tasmania
was known as the Apple Isle and exported apples all over the world.

Autumn also reflects my favourite colours , yellows, oranges , browns, although I do wear them year round .Reflecting on this they are the colours along with an orange red and chatreuse green that suit
my colouring , both hair and skin, the best. This reminds me of getting my colours done moons ago ,
that at the time I took little notice of ( I was still influenced by the colour of the season) . I could have
saved heaps of time and money but that is all part of the learning process,

For my ode to Autumn I wore a silky coat from Australian label Ark ,over a taupe and brown top from Marlene Birger , black pants from Nicola Waite. My little orange hat with its fur pompom I
purchased last year in Paris , the orange gloves were also a Paris souvenir , sunnies from Karen Walker, brown boots by Lloyd , from many Winters ago.

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Monday, 1 May 2017

A Peek at Japan

After a small technical glitch I have finally downloaded my Japan photos and have included a little peek at Japan in this post along with a small smattering of my travel outfits .I plan to post some more in depth in the form of mid week posts for anyone interested. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse through my eyes of the beauty and quirkiness of Japan.

I was thrilled to catch the beauty and celebration of the blooming of the cherry blossoms in Tokyo.
I sneaked this shot of this young couple in their traditional costumes while their professional photographer was setting up, they looked just so lovely I couldn't resist.

 I was rather pleased with how my travel wardrobe worked out and I wore every single item in my
suitcase, most on high rotation, simply ringing the changes with hats, gloves , scarves , sunnies and jewellery. I may well be a convert to only travelling with carry on luggage, getting on and off trains was a breeze .

Sometimes a little red was needed to brighten the black , as you can see it was somewhat cool so my
old faithful Paula Ryan bronze jacket had lots of wear. This shot was taken in the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Kyoto .

A random selection of shots showing the many delights that Japan has to offer from the traditional
to the cutesy bunnies I spotted in Tokyo, every city should use these you can''t but smile.

Black with black and white in Miyajima with the Itsukushima Shrine (also known as the Floating Torii Gate) in the background.

Kinku_ji (Golden Temple ) in Kyoto really is a breathtaking sight. Kyoto was once the imperial capital of Japan and is home to 1100 temples and some of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen, it truly would have to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

This stunning display of quintessential Japanese elements was in our hotel lobby in Kyoto.
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