Sunday, 30 October 2016

Spring-lively in Chartreuse

Green and Spring are always a perfect match, so when I spied this duster coat in my favourite shade of
green , in Hobart recently I knew it had to come home with me. Chartreuse has been my very favourite
green forever but is so hard to find that whenever I come across it in a garment that fits my wearability
criteria it is added to my wardrobe.

Today's post marks the third anniversary of Grownupglamour, where has the time gone, so to celebrate
I have donned my prettiest hat, floral bag , beads and orange gloves and really should have had a glass of
bubbles in hand but alas the cellar was bare. I am often asked why do I bother to blog , what is the appeal?
What started as a challenge to myself  as I was turning 60 has delivered more than I could have hoped in
terms of creativity and learning both about myself and others . The friendships of like minded souls can
never be underestimated in the value they add to the joy in our lives.I had the great pleasure of meeting
Sacramento (Mis Papelicos) in Malaga in Spain earlier in the year, a joy I would have been denied if it
wasn't for blogging. We have more travel plans in the future so maybe I can repeat that joy of meeting
a fellow blogger .
In fact I was pleasantly surprised at our local Farmers Market recently  by a lady next to me in the egg
queue , who recognized me from the blog and was a regular follower. I genuinely didn't realise anyone
local even read the blog. I must admit to being rather chuffed.
Anyway, a big thank you to one and all for all the support and encouragement I have received over the
last three years.

Now for some details the duster coat is linen , styled in Japan and made in Italy and is ApuntoB , worn over
black cotton pants by Australian designer Nicola Waite (these have seen many Springs) , shoes Sergio Rossi
I have had these for many years , they are like new as in reality they are too high for everyday , orange gloves, a Paris souvenir, beads and a hat from Tasmanian milliner Susan McArthur.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Wedding Skirt Visits Clarendon

Clarendon Estate , a short drive from where I live , is one of our grand colonial properties, consisting of
a three storey Georgian house , many outbuildings , all surrounded by hectares of parklands.

The Sarah Paccini olive green skirt that I wore in February to my son's wedding had been waiting in the wings for the perfect opportunity to make a reappearance.

 Today turned out to be a little cooler than was originally forecast , so the top I had planned to wear was
returned to the closet for another warmer day, and this long sleeved knit from Paule Ka from many seasons
ago filled the gap. I rather like the bow and peek-a-boo detail on the shoulder , it takes a rather plain knit
up a notch.I added my old favourite beads and dangley earrings,old Chanel sunnies and bronze wedges.

I knew when I bought this skirt it was perfect with the formal top I wore to the wedding but it would
also work with many more colours and styles. These days my clothing has to have many different guises
and be able to do double duty, formal or relaxed , day and night and stand the test of time .

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Monday, 17 October 2016

A Leather Skirt and Reflecting on Friendships

 Today was one of those days that give me so much joy. I met a dear friend that I hadn't seen in a while to
catch up over numerous cups of tea. Over the course of a couple of hours we shared life's ups and downs,
discussed fashion, art and politics and had many laughs along the way.
My friends , some I have known forever and others are relatively new, add so much to my life, I would be truly lost without them.

For my sharing of teapots I chose this new to me long leather skirt , that I had only recently discovered at
Return to Splendour, and as it was a coolish Spring day I added this little black cardigan over a light top.

 I had been on the lookout for a longish black skirt for some time and even though I had not really
thought about it being leather, the fit was perfect and I really loved the style and price wise it was
cheaper than a new skirt of inferior quality, so home it came.

Funny isn't it how things come around . I have worn this style of skirt over the years as it is the
perfect shape for me but had not found one for ages, some things are just meant to be.
Finding your own true style takes time and patience but is also so rewarding. That's not to say you
can't wander off the path from time to time and play with the new, experimenting can be fun too.

 After playing with different shorter hair styles and darker colours , I have also decided to grow my hair a
little longer and go back to my lighter colour until the silver takes control.

Teamed the skirt with a Paule Ka cardigan , suede slingbacks and a beige bag from Groom.

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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Tiger Print and Some Paris Inspiration

Tiger print in the garden, taken a couple of weeks ago on a much calmer Spring day. I have had this
shirt for many years but have only worn it a handful of times. This got me thinking as to why, it fits , is my
colours and works with so much I already own.Then the penny dropped, I purchased this shirt for something rather special, my daughter's Make-A-Wish trip to Melbourne for a shopping spree and a trip to the Melbourne Zoo. I have some wonderful memories of that time be they tinged with sadness.
I am glad I have kept this shirt and now know I am ready to wear it again.Special pieces of clothing have
always evoked strong memories , I guess this is why I tend to hold onto them.

My tiger print shirt with its pink edges on the sleeves is by Lisa Ho , my black Moyuru skirt and Paco
Herero slides .

 On a much lighter note , I offer some Spring inspiration (for us in the Southern Hemisphere) , some shots
of window displays I took in Paris at the end of April. The bags and those too good to be true sunnies were
at a vintage store in The Palais Royale.

I really loved both the skirt and the white top with the large bows making up the sleeve detail .

These graphic design purses really caught my attention and another pair of extravagant sunnies.Eagle eyed
readers may spot the photographer too.

Now don't we all lounge in our claw foot bath in a pretty blue silk dress or does it only happen at Lanvin.

Yellow happens to be one of my favourite colours , so it was no wonder at all that this sunny outfit
by (I think ) Moschino caught my attention.

Last but by no means least is this little black number , by Givenchy if my memory serves me correctly ,
with its soft pussy bow and pink rose and fabulous shoulder detail. The screens behind were also rather
spectacular, the pink echoing the bow and the little beret. I would wear this in a heartbeat, a girl can dream.

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hat Box and a Feathery Chapeau

What's a hat loving girl to do when a hat box calls her name and more importantly is also on sale,
the only possible solution was to follow my heart and bring her home. She also has a smaller sister ,
I have just the right sized hat for her, so maybe she too will follow.

I must admit I fell for the elegant lady with her wonderful large bowed hat and that she is carrying a little
white dog ( like my Raffy , that is if he didn't dig in the garden and was perfectly groomed). I am guessing
these boxes were sold as decorator items rather than real hat boxes but for me a hat box it is.In fact this
one is now the home for a rather special new hat that will be unveiled when our weather is sunnier and warmer, soon I hope.

 To showcase my hat box, I have chosen a black frilled jacket from Harry Who, purchased from a
recycled clothing store earlier in the year and my favourite Moyuru pants .I have teamed these with
a pair of coffee and black mules from Paco Herero that have been with me since the last time this style
made an appearance and a vintage multi-coloured feather chapeau that I purchased in Daylesford , Victoria
at an antique store and a collection of bangles.

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