Sunday, 31 July 2016

Red and a Muff

Red is always a good colour to brighten up a dull day.In fact what started as a simply overcast day had
turned to rain as we reached the park by the river for today's shots.Just as well rain and cold do not deter
us as this has been one of the wettest Winters on record .It also gave me an excuse to bring out the black
vintage muff that I found recently at a local vintage store.

Sometimes on days like this it would be tempting to turn my back on Winter and escape to warmer climes.
One of the draw backs to blogging from the Southern Hemisphere is seeing all the pretty Summer outfits
that everyone up North is wearing this time of the year but the plus to that is I know what is current a
season ahead.Oh and I am in Summer wear as the Northern Hemisphere rugs up for a Winter than is always
so much harsher than we ever experience.

At present I am grapling with the thought of retirement, not really by choice more by circumstance. I think
for me this is the problem , I feel I am not ready as it isn't my choice.Work gave me a purpose and I need
to readjust my thinking and find new challenges, any suggestions welcome.

 A black hat that I purchased in Melbourne last Winter tops my red wool vest , worn over a black wool
jumper and teamed with my Moyuru pants and black tights and ankle boots from Wonders.

A closeup of the details of the muff and my black and white gloves.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Wednesday Postcard- Versailles

Wednesday Postcard this week is The Estate of Versailles, encompassing the Palace and its truly magnificent grounds, the Trianon and the Petite Trianon.The grandeur and opulence is quite breathtaking, I have tried to
capture this in my photos.Unfortunately ,due to the number of visitors in the famous Hall of Mirrors , this as anyone who has visited in recent times knows, is almost impossible. I never cease to be amazed at those who only take selfies and never stop to appreciate the beauty around them.
Gripe over, please enjoy a peek at Versailles through my eyes.


Monday, 25 July 2016

Vintage Green and Nature's Gold

Green is one colour that I have am always rather ambivalent about. I always like it on others but not so sure on me. I fell for this olive green velvet jacket at Red Fox Vintage,the unusual colour , the style and the buttons convinced me to give green another try.I also had found this rather unusual vintage green hat at a
pop up vintage store earlier in the year , it was time to give green another try.I teamed my green with this
black and cream skirt that has seen many Winters.

One thing I really look forward to this time of year is the flowering of the Golden Wattle , a small sign that
we are on the tail end of Winter. They also make the perfect background for my green.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Wednesday Postcard - The Salvador Dali Museum

Salvador Dali was born in the city of Figueres in northern Catalonia, Spain and was responsible for the
creation of the Dali Theatre-Museum in the city that opened in 1974.Dali is also buried in a crypt below
the stage.
I knew that as we were in the area  visit to the museum and also to Portlligat to the house were he spent many years.

This quote from Dali does indeed sum up the visitors experience" I want my museum to be a single block,
a labryinth, a great surrealist object.It will be totally theatrical museum.The people who come to see it will
leave with the sensation of having a theatrical dream", I think he succeeded.

The Portlligat Museum-House is the house that Dali lived and worked in from 1930 to to 1982 .

The house is fascinating and gives you a small peak into the lives of Salvador and Gala.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Black Ruffles and Rainbow Fingers

Black ruffles and rainbow finger gloves were the order of the day for a Brunch with friends last Sunday.
I am not always a fan of ruffles , finding them a bit fussy for my taste but when I spied this Paula Ryan
black wool jacket at a recycle clothing store I just knew it had to come home . It has become the perfect
addition to my wardrobe and by removing the tags inside I am able to wear it inside out, a two in one jacket.

The ruffles on the back , don't you just love a jacket as good coming as going.
Please excuse the Raggedy Anne look of my hair at the back, I had been growing out a bad haircut and until
I looked at these photos I did not realise how uneven it was. Note to self study the back of your hair more
often. This is one of the side benefits of blogging , viewing photos of yourself.( or is it a negative).

My gloves are another of my trips special souvenirs , I .purchased them in Lisbon, Portugal from Luvaria Ulisses. A specialist glove store that has been selling the most beautiful gloves since 1925.

My velvet hat with its fluffy feather is also from Portugal. I found it in a corner of a shop selling the usual range of touristy things in a hilltop village named Monsaranz. I will have fond memories of my time there
at every wear.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Postcard Wednesday : Roseraie de Bagatelle

 A visit to Roseraie de Bagatelle for this gardener and rose lover was a dream come true. This glorious garden with its roses in full bloom was a sight to behold, with 10,000 rose bushes covering over 1000
different rose species.

The rose garden in Parc de Bagatelle is embedded deep within the Bois de Bologne, a huge public park
on the western side of Paris, that in times gone served as hunting ground for the Kings of France.

The garden is part of a small estate that was created as the result of a whimsical wager between Queen
Marie Antoinette and her brother in law , the Count of Artois. Marie Antoinette bet that a chateau and grounds could not be built in less than three months but they were completed in 64 days, quite an achievement .

Along with the powder pink chateau and orangerie , there's a pale blue pagoda , many fountains,
grottoes, a pretty lily pond and show off peacocks. Well worth a visit .

A little bit of trivia, the word " bagatelle" means a trifle or little decorative nothing , a term I must use more.

Peonies, as well as roses were in bloom at the time I visited, I really was in floral heaven.


Sunday, 10 July 2016

Paris Ramblings

Revisiting Paris as I sorted and edited  my thousands of photos during this past week. A recurring theme occurred , me and this bronze jacket .The reason for this , it was waterproof , it rained and snowed in Paris and it was the warmest jacket I had with me.I also was behind the camera lens rarely in front of it.
Here we are , me and the jacket , in the Tuileries Gardens enjoying a break in the rarely glimpsed sun.

My touristy shots of The Louvre above and Notre Dame Cathedral below. I had visited both of these iconic
places on a previous visit so decided to forego the long queues and visit both small and large museums we
had not seen before.

My eye was drawn to what I call the finishing touches, the lamp posts , finials , door handles , doors,
chandeliers , I found them fascinating. The architectural equivalent of accesories.

Another day, same coat , Moyuru dress , red scarf , wool hat and Karen Walker sunnies. Overlooking the
garden at Musee Carnavelet in the Marais , an interesting museum showing details of early Parisian life.

I have a plan to return to my normal Monday fashion posts and travel posts for anyone interested on a Wednesday.
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Monday, 4 July 2016

Meeting Sacramento In Malaga

One of my treasured memories from Spain is the day I spent with fellow blogger Sacramento , Mis Papelicos, in Malaga in Southern Spain. We spent a wonderful day together , Sacramento most generously
showed me the delights of her home town.We shared a delicious lunch at a vegetarian restaurant , where I was introduced to Sacramento's son-in-law. As you can imagine we talked and talked , covering a multitude of topics from travel to cooking and of course fashion .

After lunch we continued exploring the city and its many delights, including this colourful display at the entrance to a restaurant/bar. Sacramento looking stunning in her turquoise spotted dress and yellow boots,with her signature hairstyle.

 A view of the beach , taken later in the day.

I will always remember the spectacular colours of the jacaranda trees in full bloom.

Thank you Sacramento for your kindness and generosity and sharing your Malaga with me.
A comment I received on Instagram summed it up, so much to share with a like minded inspirational fashionista.So true.
I was wearing a grey dress from Ryan and a hat made by milliner Genevieve Parois that I bought at a pop up
shop in Paris.

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