Monday, 28 March 2016

Berry for Autumn

Today there was a slight chill in the air heralding the arrival of Autumn , the glorious yellow tree Mother
Nature at her best. 
To welcome the change I chose a cropped short sleeved berry coloured jacket with contrasting blanket stitch trim from Bec and Bridge , another great find from Return to Splendour. I wore the jacket over my
grey Paula Ryan dress , that I have worn many times over Summer.

Grey on grey , this dress will come travelling with me as I can layer both under and over , making it a very
versatile garment and will earn its place in the suitcase.

The interesting building in the background with the folly is a private home.

Time to bring out my ankle boots, these are from Wonders, a Spanish brand , purchased at a closing sale
just before Christmas.
This is my last post before we leave home.I hope to continue blogging while travelling if things go to plan,
possibly using the Blogger app.If the quality is not up to scratch I apologise in advance.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

New Season, New Do

To celebrate the arrival of Autumn (or Fall ) I decided it was time for a change on the hair front , so off to
the hairdresser I went and this is the result. I must admit to being rather pleased with the result , even though
it is a little shorter than I would normally go. The cut has to last for the next eleven weeks as I will be far to busy travelling to visit a hairdresser.

I have paired the new hair with a recently acquired jacket from Return to Splendour , my favourite local
recycling store. The jacket is from Australian designers Scanlan and Theodore and is actually made in Australia, very rare indeed. I loved the fabric, which is a polished cotton , the style details and the buttons.
Oh how I enjoy the thrill of finding a one off piece that you normally would't see in this town and paying
a price that is so resonable for such quality.
My Moyuru pants , a black T Shirt and Trippen sandals complete today's outfit.

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Monday, 14 March 2016

Going Graphic

A graphic print always takes my eye , especially when in black and white , so when I spied this long sleeved
top on sale I just knew it had to come home. It will be perfect to take on my quickly approaching trip to
France, Spain and Portugal. Packing for the trip has been very much on my mind , what to take that travels
well , is not too bulky but will keep me warm. It is Spring in Paris but the temperatures are a little cool and
coming from a rather hot Summer I know I will feel the cold.

Black and some white will be the order of the day , adding layers as needed. Colour will be achieved with
accessories , be they beads or bangles or scarves or hats. If I tire of my all blacks I guess I could always
go shopping , that would be a hardship I am willing to endure.

 I plan to take a couple of different pairs of sunglasses , they always add to any outfit and of course a
selection of various earrings. I hope to add more jewelery along the way , I find this a great way to remember places you visit every time you wear each piece.

Looking forward to travelling again after so many years , the last time was in 1983. I have found the
planning , research and booking has given me a new lease of life and I am sure this will be the first
of many new adventures.

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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Watermelon in the Playground

I don't know about you but from time to time I have to visit a playground , today was one of those days.
I am not really sure if this stems from a need to relive my own childhood or to refresh memories of playground time with my now grown children.

Whatever the reason I firmly believe we should never loose the joy of playing and simply having
fun , life is way to short to be taken too seriously, find your inner child and let her free.
Over the weekend I attended a gathering of many of my cousins . We are a varied bunch in our 50's,
60's and early 70's, living all over the country,. most of us had not seen one another for over twenty
years  . Stories flowed , as did shared childhood memories of large family gatherings and our beloved grandparents.

 To play today I wore a watermelon jacket , my black multi-tiered skirt from Paula Ryan worn
over three quarter length straight leg pants, various bangles , pink and orange sandals and my
Ted Baker flowery bag.
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