Sunday, 18 December 2016

Black and Red By The Riverside

A stroll by the riverside wearing black and red was the order of the day. Black and red have long
been a favourite combination of mine so when I spied this top at a local recycled clothing store I
knew it had to mine.

The top is mesh with the interesting lady in red velvet and was purchased by its previous owner
in Canada , the label is Donna .Glad the previous owner let it go as I really love it and it is the
perfect companion for my Moyuru skort and last years black wedges.

When I started my stroll the day was cool so I had on my Caroline Moore leather crop jacket . To complete the outfit I added a collection of red and black bangles , a red necklace and black sunnies.

Finishing today's post with these Christmas lilies in my garden, they smell divine .
Sending all my best wishes for a safe and happy Christmas.

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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Floral Overload

Nature had produced a floral overload in my front garden with this pretty pink rose , Cherub, really
outdoing herself this year. Not to be outdone by Mother Nature I donned my floral wrap from Ted
Baker that reminds me of an olde world painting with its black background and pot pourri of blooms.

I paired the wrap with a plum coloured skirt , a recycle gem that has made a previous appearance
in Winter guise, and my grey cardigan with its fringe edges from Sabatini. I am enjoying rediscovering my cardigans again after not wearing them for a few seasons, so glad I don't part with
old favourites just because they haven't been worn continually.My orange, pink and mauve sandals
have seen several Summers and are the ultimate in comfort.

The cream rose is named Seafoam and is one of a pair of weeping roses that I planted many years
ago . Today it is a wonderful backdrop for my grey hat that I purchased from a milliner at a pop up
Makers Market in Paris.

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Minimial - White Shirt and a Boater

Summer has finally arrived in my part of the world and as I often do I turned to a white shirt and
a broad brimmed hat. My white shirt is a new one purchased in Melbourne on my recent visit.
I was rather pleased when I found it as I have been on the search for the perfect white shirt for
quite some time. You really wouldn't have thought it would be so tricky to find but it was or am I
just too fussy . I did have requirements , it must cotton , made in Australia and have a little pizazz.
This one is made in Melbourne by Tiffany Treleor and is pure cotton and I love its style.

To complete the look for my first Summer post I added a black Moyuru skirt and my new straw
boater, another item I had been on the lookout for and came across last week at Yeltour, a local

Round black sunglasses by Preen and some black earrings top off my minimal look.
Speaking of minimal , I have finally given my blog a makeover . After much deliberation
and playing with templates I choose this one , Minum, from Pigdig in the U.K. I felt it
reflected my own aesthetic perfectly.I had read nothing but good reports about Pigdig and I
too found them to be extremely helpful , they even installed it for me , a bonus for technically
challenged me. Thank you to Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb as it was on her blog that I
first read about this company.

My first pair of Trippen Happy sandals.Their name suits them perfectly , so comfortable and a delight to wear .I am indeed one happy girl.

Sometimes, I do take my lead from my garden, this gorgeous black and white oriental poppy was
in full bloom this week.

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Oriental Vibe Amid The Roses

 The roses in my garden are in full bloom , so to compliment their profusion of colours I am
wearing a top by OBI from New Zealand with a floral Oriental vibe paired with one of my ever
faithful Moyuru pieces. I have( rather predictably) added a black and white necklace and vintage
white earrings, my recently acquired Preen sunglasses and a vintage black hat.

To quote that well known song , two of my favourite things , a stack of bangles and old roses. This dear little climbing rose is Adelaide d'Orleans and was bred in France in the first half of the nineteenth century.As a bit of a history buff I am as fascinated by the history of these roses almost as much as I am entranced by their shapes, colour and intoxicating perfume.
The bangles on the other hand are all relatively new, the three similar I purchased at a bazaar in a side
street in Paris for only a few Euros each and the orange one has been with me for a while and to be honest I have no idea of its origin.

The rose behind me is New Dawn and this is quite relevant as this is my first post on a new computer.So apologies if this post is a little awry as all my usual editing tools are on the old
computer. Soon I hope to give Grownupglamour a much needed makover, any input would be
most appreciated.

I will leave you with this one of me enjoying the beautiful Bourbon rose, Variegata di Bologna.

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Fashion as Art

I have just returned from a few enjoyable days in Melbourne getting my big city fix and catching up with friends and my youngest son. A highlight for me was the opportunity to visit the National Gallery of Victoria
for the Viktor and Rolf exhibition.

The exhibition is titled Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists and this perfectly describes  their radical conception
of wearable art.The garments on display feature some of their most show-stopping and distinctive works.

This is titled "Performance of Sculptures" haute couture collection spring-summer 2016.

Bedtime Story, Autumn -Winter 2005. This is one of the 21 dolls , all made by a Belgian doll maker , that
wear intricately crafted miniature versions of each major collection.

 For obvious reasons this one is titled Cutting Edge, interesting concept not so sure this one is wearable art.

One of my favourites , titled Vagabond, the combination of fabrics and colours was really quite something.

Russian Dolls, eight different garments that were worn simultaneously by a model , just like a Russian doll.

Fashion as Art , worn as a garment on the catwalk then removed and placed on the wall just like a painting.

Fashion as art it was and I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to view this exhibition and admire
the creativity of these talented designers.

Graphic black and white with coloured necklace and bangle paired a black crop leather jacket and Moyuru
pants seemed right for the gallery.
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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Vintage Cars and Black and White Layers

Last Wednesday with a group of friends we travelled to Ulverstone, on our states North West coast, to
view some truly magnificent vintage cars that are visiting from all over Australia to take part in a
Vintage Car Rally.
Layers in black and white were the order of the day as it was rather cool and windy.I choose my black Moyuru pants, Paula Ryan white shirt, Sarah Pacini top, short sleeve wool jacket , black wool beret, assorted black and white bangles.

I am not really a car aficionado but I appreciate the passion of the vintage car enthusiasts and the workmanship that goes into these lovingly restored vehicles.The attention to detail in the leather work ,the
timber trims and that brass work is a joy to behold.

I was rather taken with this one , it was from the Brush Motor Car Company based in Michigan, and dates
from 1907-1913. I am pretty sure the man on the left behind the car is the proud owner. Don't you love his
leather flying hat and goggles.

This lady, all dressed in cream, kindly let me photograph her. Many of the vintage owners were dressed
in period themed costume for the occasion.

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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Spring-lively in Chartreuse

Green and Spring are always a perfect match, so when I spied this duster coat in my favourite shade of
green , in Hobart recently I knew it had to come home with me. Chartreuse has been my very favourite
green forever but is so hard to find that whenever I come across it in a garment that fits my wearability
criteria it is added to my wardrobe.

Today's post marks the third anniversary of Grownupglamour, where has the time gone, so to celebrate
I have donned my prettiest hat, floral bag , beads and orange gloves and really should have had a glass of
bubbles in hand but alas the cellar was bare. I am often asked why do I bother to blog , what is the appeal?
What started as a challenge to myself  as I was turning 60 has delivered more than I could have hoped in
terms of creativity and learning both about myself and others . The friendships of like minded souls can
never be underestimated in the value they add to the joy in our lives.I had the great pleasure of meeting
Sacramento (Mis Papelicos) in Malaga in Spain earlier in the year, a joy I would have been denied if it
wasn't for blogging. We have more travel plans in the future so maybe I can repeat that joy of meeting
a fellow blogger .
In fact I was pleasantly surprised at our local Farmers Market recently  by a lady next to me in the egg
queue , who recognized me from the blog and was a regular follower. I genuinely didn't realise anyone
local even read the blog. I must admit to being rather chuffed.
Anyway, a big thank you to one and all for all the support and encouragement I have received over the
last three years.

Now for some details the duster coat is linen , styled in Japan and made in Italy and is ApuntoB , worn over
black cotton pants by Australian designer Nicola Waite (these have seen many Springs) , shoes Sergio Rossi
I have had these for many years , they are like new as in reality they are too high for everyday , orange gloves, a Paris souvenir, beads and a hat from Tasmanian milliner Susan McArthur.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Wedding Skirt Visits Clarendon

Clarendon Estate , a short drive from where I live , is one of our grand colonial properties, consisting of
a three storey Georgian house , many outbuildings , all surrounded by hectares of parklands.

The Sarah Paccini olive green skirt that I wore in February to my son's wedding had been waiting in the wings for the perfect opportunity to make a reappearance.

 Today turned out to be a little cooler than was originally forecast , so the top I had planned to wear was
returned to the closet for another warmer day, and this long sleeved knit from Paule Ka from many seasons
ago filled the gap. I rather like the bow and peek-a-boo detail on the shoulder , it takes a rather plain knit
up a notch.I added my old favourite beads and dangley earrings,old Chanel sunnies and bronze wedges.

I knew when I bought this skirt it was perfect with the formal top I wore to the wedding but it would
also work with many more colours and styles. These days my clothing has to have many different guises
and be able to do double duty, formal or relaxed , day and night and stand the test of time .

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