Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Jockey Cap , Pants and Travel Plans

I had great plans this week to do some creative writing accompanied by scenic photos but life had other
plans and I found myself working heaps more than usual leaving very little time for much else.

The scenic surrounds became my back garden on a blustery evening and even though I am smiling here,
most of the time I was more concerned about the havoc the wind was wreaking on my roses.
My outfit was what I had worn to work that day , with the exception of my hat which is worn here as a
nod to the Spring Racing Carnival taking place around the country. I am wearing a cream coloured leather
jacket from New Zealand over a spotted top by Marlene Birger and a new pair of harem pants from  Japanese label Moyuru, fast becoming an all time favourite.

Here is a close up of the details of the pants , they are black but look more navy blue here.

On another note we are planning to travel next year in the Northern Hemisphere Autumn to France,
(spending our time mostly in Paris), Spain and Portugal. It has been many years since we have travelled
overseas (1983 in fact) so much planning is the order of the day.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Checks and Changes

Today's post is running a little late , after sitting looking at the computer screen expecting words to magically
appear I gave up and went to bed resolving to start afresh in the morning. I rose bright and early to complete the post before work only to find I had no internet connection, the joys of modern technology.

Wearing a black and white check jacket that has seen a few Spring and Summers , white top and
a new Moyuru skirt or pants depending on your interpretation and black sandals, various bracelets
and my black hat that I colour changed last Summer.I am really amoured with the Moyuru skirt/pants,
and its clever style and draping . I find I am much more drawn to clothing with interesting shapes and
textures rather than what is the latest fashion statement.

The rather magnificent building behind me , in days gone by . was the Customs House, the title remains
but is now home to a local property developer , thankfully no changes have been made to the building.

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Monday, 12 October 2015

Black and Silver

Black and silver against a background of brightly coloured rhododendrons  at the Punchbowl Reserve.
The Punchbowl Reserve is home to a stunning collection of azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons .

Wearing a long silver top from Scope that I found lurking in the back of my closet last Summer over
a black long sleeve T shirt and black Moyuru pants.

Adding my silver and black beads , silver earrings and Chanel sunglasses to complete the look.

 Blowing in the wind, this is what happens to billowy pants when the wind gets up.

I just had to include a closeup of my new Trippen sandals, the leather is so soft and they would have to
be the most comfortable shoes I have had for quite some time.

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Casual Black and White

Spring blossoms are at their peak in my garden , making them the perfect backdrop for my more casual look
today. A quick photo shoot was the order of the day as my youngest son was visiting for the weekend and
we were heading off for a quick visit to Hobart ( our capital city ) and a catch up with my other son.

Wearing a black and white jacket from Australian label Jump , paired with black pants, some of my black and white bangle collection and a black and a white necklace (worn together) .

The only colour this week comes from Mother Nature in the form of blue Dutch Iris and a pretty striped
pink and white tulip.

After a visit to my new hairdresser this week I left with a different hair colour. Now you really would think
that I should know by now not to ask for my colour a little warmer but I did and came out with a more red
tone than the gold I had imagined. I really think there is a message here, time to stop the colour and see
what happens. My only problem is my sons wedding at the end of February, I am not sure about half and half hair for a special occasion, so defiantely after then.
Any clever solutions , most welcome .

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