Monday, 25 May 2015

Sydney Part 1

Back home again after a few very enjoyable days exploring the delights of Sydney. Walking for me is always the best possible way to explore and this is just what we did, covering many kilometers over those few days, exploring new areas and revisiting old favourites.

The area around Sydney harbour is one of those favourite places , it never fails to delight my senses.
This was taken at Balmain , one of our new discoveries, an interesting area full of history and character. Balmain is one of Sydney's oldest working class suburbs , and was once home to dock workers and factory workers who lived in the many small cottages and terrace houses. This has now changed and the areas historic properties have now been renovated and fetch sky high prices.

 No visit to Sydney is ever complete without views of the iconic Sydney Opera House . I have toured the Opera House some time ago and hope to do so again and hopefully one day will enjoy a performance in one of its many halls.

 Another joy is visiting the many arcades containing many and varied shops and services. This one is the Strand Arcade and was established in 1891 and is the last surviving Victorian arcade in Sydney.

 These old sandstone warehouse buildings now house many fine restaurants. Behind these buildings is the area known as The Rocks , the oldest area of Sydney containing many preserved buildings of great historical importance.

 This is a favourite spot of mine , I love the intertwining of old and new architecture.I must admit this city really calls my name and as much as the idea of living here holds so much appeal , the reality is a much different matter so I will stay put and enjoy my annual visits.

 My travel wardrobe always consists of clothing I love and wear and know works for me, so I travelled with my Moyuru skort and pants , a leather jacket , my little tartan top , light tops in black and this waterproof jacket from Paula Ryan and a collection of beads and of course my walking shoes.

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

A Coat and a Vintage Car

Heading off for a MG Car Club run in this MG TD , that John has owned since the early 1970's.
I have always struggled with the cold in an open topped car as the weather becomes cooler but all that has changed since I discovered this coat towards the end of last Winter. I discovered it at our local recycled clothing store, Return to Splendour, and bought it at a really good price as it was the end of a season.
Whenever I wear it, I feel like I am wrapped in a soft, snuggly blanket, simply perfect for a ride in a Vintage Car. The car and I were both made in the same year, I guess that makes me vintage too.

Some of the cars on the run parked outside a garage containing a very impressive collection of vintage cars,motor bikes and other car paraphenalia. No photos of the cars, etc. my camera and I took off to explore the beautiful gardens and have a closer peek at the house.

Now you can see why, the house known as Carrick House dates from 1840 and is quite magnificent , surrounded by beautiful gardens.

These photos are from a few weeks ago as my photographer ( my husband, John ) is interstate at present.
I am joining him in Sydney on Wednesday , which I am really looking forward to, spending time with John
and a city fix , my idea of a perfect few days. Nothing planned , we will just take it as it comes.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A Road Trip

Yesterday we took a road trip to Hobart to enable John to collect a motorhome that he is delivering to Brisbane. Fortunately, we had time to stop at the historic town of Richmond to take a few shots.

The convict built bridge , dating from 1823., makes the perfect back ground for my black wool long jacket
by Sabatini, worn over a black tunic and pants. I have had this jacket for a few Winters and as was the case
today , the first wear of the season reminds me of what drew it to me in the first place. I never tire of its details, the leather trim on the pockets and the open zippered trim on the collar and ruffle.

There was even time to meet my eldest son for a lunch and to catch up on all his news and a some window shopping. I did make one purchase , I found a copy of the new book Style Forever by Alyson Walsh.
Alyson is English , a freelance fashion writer and has a a wonderful blog, That's Not My Age .
I have always enjoyed her writing and the book does not dissapoint . Unlike so many books on the market,
this is written with no age limit on style.

My drive home allowed me some solitary thinking time, time has come for some re-invention.
Not sure which direction this will take , maybe time for some artistic endeavours, a new career , either paid or voluntary .
Maybe travel is on the horizon , I will see what presents itself.

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Breaking The Rules

Breaking the rules, no not in a non law abiding way , but in a way that would upset the fashion police.
Today's outfit breaks two of those rules that once I would maybe have thought mattered but not any longer,
another of those joys of getting older not caring about trivial rules.
My number one rule breaker , putting gold and silver together, I know tsk.tsk. and the second wearing
different shades of black together, this one never worried me but over the years I have read this is a no-no.

Showing the silver detail on the sleeve of my coat and in my beads, the coat or long jacket , I'm not quite sure how to describe it., also has a silver fleck through the fabric. I am pairing this with my gold studded gloves .Now I know if I were a true purist the gloves would have had silver studs but I owned these and I quite like how they work together.The saying opposites attract springs to mind.

Turning my back on all those silly rules, we all know the ones , especially those that we once were supposed to embrace as we aged, is such a liberation. I know I will continue to play with my clothes as an expression of self hopefully for as long as I continue life's dance.

 A little chill in the air this morning meant an outing for this hat that I purchased late last Winter.

Today I am wearing my pants from Moyuru with a black top from Paula Ryan, coat from Style Butler,
gloves from Ted Baker, hat by Max Alexander , shoes Robert Clergerie.

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