Monday, 30 March 2015

Check Mate

Today's post  called for an industrial chic background but after driving around for some time we decided no
such area could be found, or at least was not accessible,  so we resorted to what I can only describe as shabby industrial. This will be fine  as a background for my check on check look today.

I enjoy wearing checks, and stripes and spots for that matter, somehow they are just me. So when I came
across this black skirt with its silver checks I knew it would come home with me. Usually I would wear it with plain tops and jackets but today it had to be more checks, so this black and white searsucker jacket
from several summers ago came to the rescue.I must admit I was rather pleased with the check on check
result. I even found a checkered fedora to top it off. ( the detail on the hat did not photograph well and looks
somewhat stripey.)

Today was a mild, sunny Autumn day so I wore ( possibly for the last time until next Summer) my old favourite black wedges from Sonia Rykiel .

Today I am wearing a skirt from Moyuru , (so glad I found this Japanese company). my jacket is from Australian label Priveledge, hat ,unknown, gifted, necklace, Marc Cain.

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Summer's End , A recap

Even though our Summer officially ended at the end of February , early March is still mild enough to trick you that warm weather will continue but alas not this year, with already greyer days and much cooler temperatures, it is time to store those Summer clothes away and bring warmer clothes to the fore again.
I decided it was time to do a recap of some of my Summer favourites.

Looking at these makes me realise just how much black and white I really do wear over the Summer.
I enjoy wearing black and white , always have and probably always will with some colour thrown into the mix from time to time. The joy of ageing knowing yourself and feeling good about your own choices and gaining the confidence to express yourself in a way that pleases you.

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow, a song released by English singer Donovan in the mid 1960's or the colour of deciduous
trees in early Autumn or maybe today I am just feeling mellow wearing yellow, take your pick.

Yellow on the Village Green at Westbury, a lovely little town about 30 minutes drive from home. Westbury was founded as a village garrison in 1828 and laid out on a grand scale in anticipation of becoming the main gateway to Tasmania's northwest. Although this never eventuated,its elegant buildings and countless quiet lanes are testament to this early ambition. I am standing by a silhouette depicting two Irish exiles,John Mitchell and Thomas Francis Meagher, who were revolutionaries transported here as political exiles.Aided by Westbury villagers they escaped and went on to become legendary figures of Irish history.

Admiring this wonderful old Sequoia tree on the Village Green. It has its own name plaque and is named ,
not so imaginatively Big Tree.

Standing at the entrance to one of Westburys early buildings, known as the White House. Named not for its colour but after the original owner Thomas White, who established a store known as White's Token Store.
He founded penny tokens on site to be used in the store. The site is now a home and bakery.

A early Autumn chill in the air gave me an excuse to wear these leopard print gloves .

I am wearing a yellow jacket by Australian designer Trent Nathan from my favourite recycle store Return to Splendour paired with my black pants from Moyuru, black clutch and leopard print sandals.

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Monday, 9 March 2015

Black,White and a River

After enjoying a drive along the river and a picnic lunch we stopped at the lookout at an area known
as Bradys Lookout for some photos. It is named after Mathew Brady ,a notorious bushranger, who came
to Tasmania as a convict from England in 1820. He escaped the penal settlement at Sarah Island in 1824
and spent the next two years with 4 others as bushrangers.Brady considered himself a gentleman as he never
insulted or robbed women.This was supported by the fact that after his recapture ,his cell was filled with flowers from the ladies of Hobart Town.Nothing like a bushranger with a conscience but it did not save him,
he was hanged in May,1826.

Reflecting on the past ,reminds us of how far we have come. At present my sister is researching our family history and we are uncovering some interesting characters. As do many Australians we have several convict
relatives, sentenced to the penal colony for stealing such things as handkerchiefs , vegetables and other minor
crimes.All done no doubt to survive the poverty of the time.

Women convicts had to seek permission to marry and then in turn became the property of their husband,
I am so glad that one has changed.
For this somewhat reflective post I am wearing a pseudo Missoni dress worn as a tunic over black straight
pants. I have added a black bead necklace and a collection of bakelite and resin bangles.

 My black and white feather trimmed ballet flats from Boch finished the look but if you look closely you will
see a few feathers missing on my left foot.( thank you Raffy ) ,oh well , the joy of a puppy.

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Back in Black

After playing around with colour over the last few weeks ,I am back in my all black today and I must say it
does feel good.Black is my go to when nothing else seems right, somehow for me it always works.
The secret to wearing all black for me is to mix up different materials and shapes and to add accessories for
contrast and always a bright,usually red, lipstick.

A bright blue mural painted on a hoarding surrounding a building site provides a great contrast to
my blacks. Behind the hoarding, is the redevelopment of old silos that are to become part of a luxury
hotel complex. I am very much in favour of the reuse of old buildings for an entirely new purpose.

Personal redevelopment is an ongoing process , both inwardly and outwardly, and involves really getting to know all aspects of ourselves, both strengths and weaknesses. From my own perspective, the redevelopment is a long way from complete.

I am finding as time passes , and as this journey called life unfolds , ideas change and a renewal of
sorts starts to take place.I am enjoying the learning process and delight in experiencing the new.
The joy of family and friends (both old and new) is indeed very much a part of this journey.

Today's black includes my skort from Japanese designers Moyuru, seen several times previously,
a black leather jacket from New Zealand by Caroline Moore, a black cami and my spotty yellow
and black gloves and not forgetting my hat by Ted Baker.

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