Sunday, 22 February 2015

Pewter and White

Today we visited Clarendon House ( which dates from 1838 ) and its park like gardens.Time and a little matter of having Raffy with us did not permit a tour of the house but we are determined to do so soon.
I have always had an interest in our historic properties and am enjoying revisiting them and hope to discover
some that have only recently been open to the public.


Enjoying the view over the wonderful park like gardens ,that are bordered by an avenue of trees.
Wearing white to mark the last hurrah of Summer.After some hot,humid weather recently ,cooler
early Autumn days are forecast later in the week.
Topping off  the white I added a silk pewter coloured trench style coat that has been a favourite
for some time,though in the past worn more formally with black pants.

The original gatehouse with its gabled window and roof makes a perfect backdrop for the accessories.
Wearing my old favourite cream and grey fedora , multi-strand glass beads,bangle , Chanel sunnies and
Ted Baker floral tote bag.

Raffy enjoyed his visit to the parkland at Clarendon , a great place for a walk.Don,t you love it
when your dog co-ordinates with your outfit . Raffy is now five months old and one busy ,little dog
bringing so much fun and joy to our family.
The reason for both shots ,in one Raffy is smiling, me in the other... we really should co-ordinate .

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Going Japanese

I must admit I was rather pleased when the topic for this weeks Share-in_Style was Japanese Style,
as I have had enjoyable Summer discovering the joy of wearing a Japanese label Moyuru.

The interesting and relaxed shapes of their clothing makes them a joy to wear,along with their wonderful fabrics.They  fit the category of different,structural and timeless,always a must when I am adding to my wardrobe plus they work back with my favourites from seasons past.

Japanese fashion covers such a wide range of styles from the beautiful traditional kimono to the very modern dressing ,encompassing everything from animae characters to goth to Lolita in many forms.
I have been following L'ideal, a blog set in Tokyo ,featuring some wonderful men and women all over 60 with the most wonderful individual styles,definately worth checking out for those interested in Japanese styling,both traditional and modern.
On the blog I discovered two terms relating to clothing style.The first is " Hazushi", translated as the way to put different fashion styles together.The second is "Wabi-Sabi" ,,this represents a comprehensive Japanese view of aesthetic centred on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is imperfect,impermanent and incomplete.These thoughts resonate with me.

Discovering and playing with something new always a joy,keeps life interesting I say.

Apologies for today's photos, my husband and photographer is away enjoying a camping trip with our eldest son, so I had to resort to the tripod.

For my take on Japanese style this is what I wore.

Black Pants    Moyaru
White Shirt       Nicola Waite         
Shoes       Robert Clergerie
Bag          Spencer & Rutherford     
Sunglasses       Chanel         

  1. Black Hat    Very old

I also wore this resin bracelet
and these earrings,both unknown brands.
I love the shapes of both of them ,the
ear rings remind me of an acorn wearing a hat.

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Watermelon By The River

A visit to the small town of Perth for lunch at the very imaginately named  restaurant ,The Phoenix and The Fox, which is housed in an old church. After an extremely good lunch we made our way to the nearby
South Esk River to take some photos.

Overlooking the river is Stone House, a magnificent Georgian house dating back to 1825. The house
is now 5 star accomodation,for a mere $1800.00 a night you can have the whole house to yourself.
I will have to settle for peering over the front stone wall and admiring both the house and the stunning gardens with their late summer blooms.

As a gardener I couldn't resist a closeup of the different dahlias with the white agapanthus.

Wearing a watermelon coloured peplum jacket ,worn over a black top dotted with buttons and
other decorative bits and my wide leg linen black and white pants.I have had these pants made
by Nicola Waite for several summers now and love them even though ,as is very evident, they
crease very badly.That to me is the trade off  for the comfort factor of linen in hot weather.

This jacket made in New Zealand by OBI looks as good from the back as from the front.I once would have
worried about this view but not any more, another joy of becoming older,caring less about such things.

I know another view of the same jacket, simply buttoned up this time. This is included to keep my
ever(or mostly) patient husband and photographer happy,it was his favourite.

I had to show the shoes, a long time favourite,now sadly only worn when I am not walking any distance,
they are Spanish and suede,I love their peep toe and sling backs.I will have to practice wearing a heel more.

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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Summer Tartan and a Vintage Hat

Tartan is something I would have normally only worn in the Winter,that is until I discovered this little
jacket at my local recycling store,Return to Splendour,recently. I fell for the neckline, the sleeve length
and of course the fabric,it is shot with a gold thread.(though this photographs as cream).
Continuing on my journey of leaving the safety of the comfort zone, summer tartan fits right in.

Pairing the tartan with black wide leg linen pants and a black camisole and my black patent
leather wedges,all owned for several seasons . I did find ,surprise,surprise, that high wedges
do not make climbing ladders easy,as in the photo above, when will this girl learn.
The view over the Macquarie River and surrounds was well worth the effort.

The building behind me is the Pump House, part of an early property known as Woolmers Estate,which
dates back to 1817.The estate was owned by the Thomas Archer Family until 1994,when the last Thomas,
a single man died. The estate is now open to the public and is a UNESCO Heritage site because of its early
convict history. I have plans to visit properly in the very near future.

Another vintage, although by no means as old, my hat is from the 1940,s and the label inside
is Gwenn Pennington, New York. It is green,red and black and is finished with a braided bow
and  another small bow .I love the simplicity of this little hat and wonder about its past lives.
I continue my search for interesting summer hats ,so far no joy but I will keep searching.
I have a friend that has just taken up millinery so maybe a commission is in the offing.

My little vintage hat
is joining Judith in her
stunning feathered hat
for Hat Attack
Sacramento and Rosie
the theme is
plaid or tartan.