Monday, 26 January 2015

New Shapes

My plan for 2015 is to try different things and to step out of my comfort zone, so what better way to
start than with my wardrobe. I discovered these pants by Japanese designers Moyuru and just knew
they had to be mine.I love the fabric,it is blue,black and silver stripe and the fit is so relaxed and
easy to wear. This interesting detailed top from Sarah Pacini seemed the perfect match.

I am sporting shorter hair after a visit to Craig, my talented hairdresser last week. I am pleased with both the cut and colour. I had decided to let my hair go grey but was assured that I have so little grey it wouldn,t work just yet so , oh well.
I have now decided to paint my bathroom a soft grey instead, when I say I , it is loving retired husband really
doing the hard work.

Changing shapes , dipping our toes in the water of change can only bring rewards, we just never know
what that will be. For now I will just play a little with change, if your eyes are open and searching changes
will find you, I have always found.

Joining the navy and black
clad Patti for
Visible Monday.


Monday, 19 January 2015

Murals,A Hat and a Scarf

Playing tourist, visiting the town of Sheffield, about an hour from where we live.Sheffield is known
as the town of murals,as will become evident.Firstly, a little history, in the early 1980,s as with many
small rural communities the town was in rapid decline and a new way of providing income for the town
was needed.Tourism was the answer and to bring tourists to the area, something different was in order
and so the mural project began and continues to this day with new murals continually added.

This is the first mural commissioned ,it is titled Stillness and Warmth and was completed in December,1986.
It is of Gustav Wendorfer,a forward thinker, who is responsible for having one of our beautiful areas,
Cradle Mountain/Lake St.Clair declared a National Park,thus ensuring its protection for generations to
come to enjoy.The theme is based on an entry in his diary,"when the ground is all covered in snow,I do
build a big fire,open my door and presently,they come in,one by one,the wild animals,without the usual
fear of man or one another,and share with me,in stillness ,the grateful warmth.

This mural of the blacksmith at work was painted on the side of a coffee shop and craft store,where we had lunch. I so admire all the details,including the dog watching on. Many of the murals depict scenes of early
life in the town.

This mural introduces visitors to two of our iconic animals, the Tassie Devil and the Tasmanian Tiger.
The Tasmanian Tiger,so named because of the stripes,is more akin to a wolf or a dog,is sadly now extinct.
The last known Thylacine(its proper name) died in captivity in the 1930's but from time to time in remote
areas claims of sightings are reported.The other animal the Tasmanian Devil is under threat from a Facial
Tumour Disease but some new colonies of the animal are now being established so hopefully they will be
saved from extinction.

Taking a closer view of the details,can you see the two wombats(the grey animals), they are my favourite
of our Australian animals.

Speaking of details, for my visit to the murals, I wore over my black basics, a leather jacket in a creamy,
putty colour ,a scarf in black ,white and beige with a shoe design(that sadly does not show) from Charles
Jordan that I have had for many years and my cream,grey and natural Fedora .

Joining with
The theme is the scarf.

I hope you have enjoyed my little tour.


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Pale Grey , Now Vintage Sunnies

Wearing pale grey, the same colour as the sky today as the long awaited summer rain is soon to pelt down.
I have had this drapey top for some time ,not sure if the colour or shape are really me maybe it is time for it to go to a new home.

These sunglasses are by Fendi and were bought in the early eighties, making them older than my now grown children.I guess in some circles these are classified as vintage.
Both the silver flower necklace and cuff were gifts.

Raffy decided he had to get in on the action, such a scene stealer. Glad this was taken early in the day,
wet gardens and white dogs do not mix. The result a black and white dog in much need of a bath.

Joining the ever gracious host
Patti at Visible Monday.

Even though it is really Visible Wednesday for me.


Sunday, 4 January 2015

New Year and Some Yachts

A New Year tradition for our family over the years has been a trip to Hobart, our states capital city,
for the annual Taste of Tasmania and to view the yachts that have just completed the Sydney to
Hobart Yacht race.Our eldest son now lives in Hobart , so the tables have turned, and now 
instead of him coming with us we drive to visit him.I find it interesting how even when our children
are young adults they like to continue traditions started in their childhood.

Boys will be boys, father and son checking out boats for sale, I might add neither are sailors so this is
an exercise in wishful thinking. We are not a boating family but I guess it never hurts to look.

The maxi yacht in the background is Wild Oats X1 , this years winner of The Sydney to Hobart yacht race.
The yacht based on Hamilton Island has now won the race a record 8 times.

Reflecting the yachts mast in my black and white, both the pants and top are by a Japanese label,
Moyuru, that I have discovered in the past year.I really like the softness and shape of their garments
and their design approach of free expression and originality. Key words behind Moyuru`s philosophy
are Earth, Wind and Freedom.
I have added a little colour in my multi-coloured neclace and my bangle mix.
My old faithful orange bag is by Rachel Ruddick .
My hat has been in my collection for some time and was originally a pale green, a hard colour for me
to wear so I have made the change to black. I am quite pleased with the result.

A New Year , a time to reflect on the last year , an acceptance that life takes unexpected paths
at times and that many things are not under our control.A promise to myself to make the most
of each day and enjoy the company of family and good friends
On the wardrobe front, I plan to continue exploring the possibilities held within my existing wardrobe
and continue to discover new and interesting combinations. I also will continue my search for
interesting hats, particularly for the summer, as in Australia we are limited to either sun hats or
fancy race style hats. All suggestions very welcome.
On the blogging front I have hope to glean technical knowledge from my son and update some
aspects of my very basic layout. A plan to join Instagram on the horizon.
If nothing happens it means his busy social life took precedence, as it should at 24.

Wishing everyone a safe and peaceful
New Year.

Joining Judith at Style Crone
for Hat Attack
with Sacramento and Rosie.