Monday, 28 December 2015

2015 A Year in Hats, Almost

Today' s post is a quick recap of some of my favorites from 2015, chosen in no particular order.
I have continued to explore my own sense of style this year and have embraced change as it presents
itself. My hat collection continues to grow as I seek out interesting shapes , colours and textures.

Colour , usually over my beloved black has found its place in my wardrobe and I have promised
myself that I will experiment with different colour combinations in 2016.

It is no co-incidence that several of my favourite outfits are of Winter coats and jackets. As much
as I love our Summer weather I really love warm Winter dressing, maybe that would change if I lived
in a harsher climate.

I have enjoyed searching my home town and surrounds for interesting locations for photos, you
really do look with a fresh set of eyes. You really do uncover some hidden gems such as this beautiful
garden about an hour away from home that we visited in the Spring.
Taking the photos every week together has ( mostly) been a lot of fun and I feel it has created a shared
interest , always a good thing.

Interstate travel to Sydney (the shot above with the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge ) , Melbourne and
country Victoria were some of the highlights of 2015 for me.
2016 will see us travel further afield , we have booked to travel to Paris in April , where we will spend
a month and then travel to Spain and Portugal.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who reads my little blog and to those that take time to comment,
you kind words are so appreciated.

I hope everyone has a safe and joyous New Year.

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Monday, 21 December 2015

Wearing Beige

Beige is usually one of those nothing sort of colours that I tend to shy away from but the shape of
this jacket with its fluted sleeves and flowery buttons with a sparkly centre spoke my name.
The fact that it was in my local recycled clothing store on half price day made it ha no-brainer.
Now every time I see beige, it reminds  me of artist Sue Kreitzman , who was featured in The Fabulous Fashionistas and her motto " don't wear beige it may kill you'.

Anyhow I survived a busy day at work despite my wearing beige and called in to visit my sister on my way
home and took advantage of her pretty garden for this weeks shots.We have both inherited our love of
gardening from our mother and share a passion for roses.

I just had to include this shot showing the sparkly centre of the rosette buttons on the jacket.
I wore the jacket over my black Moyuru pants and a black camisole and wore long, dangly earrings and
two bangles and my old Chanel sunglasses.

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Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas
and a joyous New Year.


Monday, 14 December 2015

Under the Arches

Today's post is  short and sweet , as befits this busy time of year. These few shots were taken under
the rose arch at the entrance to our house. The roses name is Cherub and I think it describes perfectly
this sweet little rose.

 I was on the way to the MG Car Club's Christmas lunch party, which turned out to be a pleasant day full
of catching up with friends , both old and new, good wine and food.

Wearing a longish multi-coloured silk tunic , purchased from my local recycled clothing store, over white
wide legged pants and an orange and aqua bangle and white milk glass beads.It was still a little cool so
I topped this with my white cotton jacket.
Frankly, I am not really sure about this tunic , especially after seeing these photos but it is cool and comfortable so maybe it will stay for this Summer. The joy of the recycled store is at least I have not paid
big dollars so if it is not right no harm done to the budget.

I think the main reason for the purchase is this cerise Charles Jourdan bag that I purchased from the
same store last year with not really a thing to go with it, I just loved the colour and shape.
Maybe, lesson learned don't buy to match the bag.
That's all for now , hope everyone is having a good week and enjoying this busy time of year.

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Monday, 7 December 2015

About Face

The moment I saw this black and white top I knew it had to be mine, not only was it my favourite
colour combination but the unusual about face graphics reminded me of a piece of art work.
I always have been fascinated with the idea of wearable art and this is something I plan to persue and
hopefully collect more pieces along the way.

Our Civic Square was the setting for this weeks shots , this area is home for the library, state government offices, police station and our Town Hall. As it was Sunday it was a quiet spot much different to during the week.It is also home to these very fine bronzes of the Tasmanian Tiger (or Thylacine) , a now extinct animal.
The last one died in a zoo in Hobart (our capital city) in 1920. Even though it is called a tiger it really was
more of a wild dog.

Standing on the steps of our Town Hall, a mid-Victorian building dating from 1867. One of the things I like
about my home town is the number of well preserved early buildings.

Black and white against the grand pillars of the Town Hall, my top is from Sarah Pacini , pants
by Moyuru, some of my black and white bangle collection,earrings purchased a thrift shop in Melbourne,
black pixie hat bought online from Ruby Lane , sunglasses , Chanel , black patent wedges from
Sonia Rykiel that have seen many Summers.

I ran into my stylish friend Jan while we were taking photos and she kindly agreed to pose together.
We have only known each other for just over a year but when we meet it really is as if we have been
friends forever. The joy and importance of our female friendships can never be under estimated.

Appreciating the friendships with Patti at Visible Monday and Jess for Turning Heads Tuesday.


Sunday, 29 November 2015

Fade to Grey

I came across an article in the weekend newspaper referencing the current trend of the head to toe grey outfit, apparently  this is known as a "groutfit' , a term I had never heard before. I must admit to never
really being a huge grey fan , I would much rather just wear black.
This all got me thinking about the phrase "fade to grey' and what that really means. According to the Urban
Dictionary , a most reliable source, it refers to someone who looses interest in something or someone and
has no motivation to try something new . It also was the title of a song by the British band Visage released
in 1980 .

Determined not to fade to grey I have chosen to wear this rather unusual shaped  dress from New Zealand designer Paula Ryan . Both the elephant grey and the shape of the dress would once have been out of my comfort zone but I now enjoy leaving the safety of the known to explore the new.

Tipping my hat to the confidence to try something new and explore a change of style.That to me is
one of the joys of enjoying our clothes and their ability to convey a message of change .

 A closeup of the side detail of the sides of the dress and a peek at my Trippen shoes, the most
comfortable shoes I have invested in for some time. I firmly believe it is the small details that
give the most value to any outfit.
I have added an off white jacket from Covers , an Australian label that is no longer, that I have
loved for many seasons.

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Back To My Roots

 After a visit to my hairdresser this week I have literally gone back to my roots. I must admit to colouring my
hair for so long I had forgotten the look of my light brown hair and I rather like it. The upkeep of the lighter colour was becoming a chore , to say nothing of the expense,  and with travel on the horizon I knew it was time. The other side benefit I hope is that my slowly greying hair can blend more naturally.

As often happens following a birthday I have been reflecting on both times past and the times still to come.
I feel my working life , due to changing circumstances , possibly coming to an end but I now am ready to
embrace the change that will bring and the new doors that will open.
I'd like to share a line of Nancy Mitford's that means a lot to me , it's in her biography of Voltaire.
" She was waiting ,unconsciously, for that revolution which often comes in the life of a woman no longer
young and directs the future course of her existence."
I feel that revolution quietly evolves in all of us and it fills and lifts my heart. At this indeterminate moment
in my life , poised in mid-air , the past and future extend limitlessly before me and I am ready to embrace
it all.

One important part of embracing the future for me is to continue enjoying the process of fine tuning my own
personal style.Part of this for me is to be open to change , be it shape , style or colour and to enjoy the process and never take it too seriously.

Embracing the changes in my new Moyuru grey and cream wide striped pants , teamed with a Paule Ka
beige knit jacket with a large black bow detail that has seen many seasons , a black Tshirt , pointy shoes
from Paco Herero that are old favourites .

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Monday, 16 November 2015

A Garden Visit in Black and White

One of my favourite pastimes at this time of the year is to visit private gardens on their open days.Last weekend we visited Old Wesley Dale, a property dating back to 1836.

The beautiful gardens have been created over the last fifteen years by the very talented owners in a style
reminiscent of traditional English gardens full of roses , lupins , delphiniums and many other perennial plants.
I always think of gardening as painting with plants instead of paints.

These Light Sussex chooks are extremely lucky , not only can they roam at will but they have the fanciest
Chook House I have ever seen, named Chookingham Palace.

Wearing black and white for my garden visit , pants from Moyuru , black vest from Sarah Pacini, white shirt
purchased in Sydney in the Winter, black and white cow print shoes, black and white bangles and  white
milk glass beads, black and white fedora.

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Blooming All Over

A riot of colour has exploded in my garden over this last week with the first of my roses bursting into bloom and filling the air with their intoxicating fragrance.
I decided to add my own touch of colour in this Asian inspired floral print coat that I happened upon during
the week at Red Fox , a new to town vintage/ recycle store. Even though it is quite a change to what I often
choose it called my name and home it came.It is a mixture of linen lined with the hot pink .

The self sown red poppies in my courtyard reflect the poppies in the coat. On the other hand the white
dog in the foreground (named Raffy) just happened to be there and I like the way the shot turned out.
Although he is the same colour as my pants and silk top, they are both more cream than white but did
come out looking quite white.

This post celebrates Grown Up Glamour's second anniversary, my how time has flown.I have learnt such
a lot in those two years and discovered so many wonderful, talented women all over the world. I have made many new friends and really do hope that I can meet some of them in person.
The connection with like minded souls is for me what truly makes blogging such a joy.
This was bought home to me recently when Natalia from In the Writers Closet said goodbye to the blogging
world for now as for her it had run its course in her life, it really did feel like saying my goodbyes to an old friend. I wish her well in her new writing endeavours.
The technical side of blogging is still for me a bit hit and miss , something I really hope to work on in the future. Maybe soon I will learn how to use blogs photos on Instagram, this is something that eludes me at present. Also I hope to redesign my page but this will have to wait until I have a computer savy son home
for a visit at Christmas.

My floral coat was teamed with a silk top from Marlene Birger and pants from Lisa Ho , both of these
I have had for many years , vintage 1960's clip earrings , assorted resin and bakelite bangles.
My hat is from Marie Marcie , a French milliner , and was bought in Melbourne at Christines , a very
high end boutique, at a stock take sale for an extremely discounted price.

 Two of my favourite old fashioned roses , the striped one is Varigata de Bologna , the other Souvenier de
MalMaison, both bourban roses with stunning perfumes.

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Jockey Cap , Pants and Travel Plans

I had great plans this week to do some creative writing accompanied by scenic photos but life had other
plans and I found myself working heaps more than usual leaving very little time for much else.

The scenic surrounds became my back garden on a blustery evening and even though I am smiling here,
most of the time I was more concerned about the havoc the wind was wreaking on my roses.
My outfit was what I had worn to work that day , with the exception of my hat which is worn here as a
nod to the Spring Racing Carnival taking place around the country. I am wearing a cream coloured leather
jacket from New Zealand over a spotted top by Marlene Birger and a new pair of harem pants from  Japanese label Moyuru, fast becoming an all time favourite.

Here is a close up of the details of the pants , they are black but look more navy blue here.

On another note we are planning to travel next year in the Northern Hemisphere Autumn to France,
(spending our time mostly in Paris), Spain and Portugal. It has been many years since we have travelled
overseas (1983 in fact) so much planning is the order of the day.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Checks and Changes

Today's post is running a little late , after sitting looking at the computer screen expecting words to magically
appear I gave up and went to bed resolving to start afresh in the morning. I rose bright and early to complete the post before work only to find I had no internet connection, the joys of modern technology.

Wearing a black and white check jacket that has seen a few Spring and Summers , white top and
a new Moyuru skirt or pants depending on your interpretation and black sandals, various bracelets
and my black hat that I colour changed last Summer.I am really amoured with the Moyuru skirt/pants,
and its clever style and draping . I find I am much more drawn to clothing with interesting shapes and
textures rather than what is the latest fashion statement.

The rather magnificent building behind me , in days gone by . was the Customs House, the title remains
but is now home to a local property developer , thankfully no changes have been made to the building.

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