Saturday, 13 December 2014

Underneath the Arch

The rose arch at the entrance
to our house is in full bloom,
putting on quite a show
with its masses of pink
The rose is named
Cherub and was planted
some thirty years ago.

Our house dates from
the Victorian era
and we have
 lived in this
house since 1978,
 it has undergone 
one major restoration
and several minor
refurbishments in that

A lifetime of memories,
both happy and sad,
are a such a strong
connection to this house.
I guess this is what happens
when you spend most
of your adult life in the one
This is certainly
not how I envisaged my
life path as a young woman
but I have no regrets,
 there is no point I find.

Today I am wearing a top
and pants with a vintage
edge by Amy Rigg.
Amy Rigg was an American 
designer, based in Chicago,
who sadly died of cancer
in 2007.
I purchased this from
a local lady who spent
many years in the U.S.,
who was downsizing. 

The details of the jacket
and the wonderful vintage
buttons are what really 
appealed to me.
I added a cream fedora
from the 1960s  ,
a necklace given to me 
by my children many
Christmases ago and
two bangles from the 

Shiny, bronze wedges
are Robert Clergerie,
an investment several 
summers ago.

I enjoy the history
and memories of
my surroundings.

Joining Patti for
Visible Monday.



  1. It must be wonderful to have such a connection to a place, feel like you belong there (I've moved a lot... ), and your garden is quite impressive, beautiful flowers. And the outfits looks so much fun, casually festive.

    1. Living in the one place has its advantages, planting a garden and then seeing it grow to maturity is one for me.
      Your moveable lifestyle also holds a lot of appeal.Thank you for your kind comments.

  2. You do look like you belong there...loved your look and house!

    1. Thank you Pam, maybe thats the way things are meant to be.

  3. Your house and flowers look delightful, as does your fine vintage suit. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

    1. Thank you Patti, always enjoy Visible Monday, a wonderful way to express yourself and catch up with others.

  4. Really love how your outfit looks vintage, especially when you are sitting on the porch! And those roses are just wonderful, wish I could smell them! :)

    1. Thank you Laurie, the vintage style is what drew me to this outfit, it had to be mine. The roses are so fragrant,I enjoy them every time I come home.

  5. My dear Jill, I came to enjoy your unique sense of style, and then I saw this amazing rose bush, and then even more surprises - your gorgeous Victorian house! My husband and I really love Victorian era buildings, and your house is such a beauty! Thank you so much for sharing these photos. I would love to see more some day... I showed your blog to my Mom the other day, and she admired your garden and said you are lovely!

    This top and pants are one-of-a-kind and truly suit you. The jewelry are perfect for your look, and of course this lovely fedora hat! I am a big fan of your style. Not very often I see such uniqueness, you are rare! I would love to know your story. xxxxx

    1. Dear Natalia, such a shame you are so far away, you would be such a delightful house guest. We always loved the Victorian house long before we found this one. I am so pleased your mother enjoyed my blog, she saw the garden at its best.
      Glad you liked the outfit, its uniqueness spoke to me. Thank you for your visit and your kind words.

  6. Jill, your outfit, home and flowers are so beautiful. I love your jewelry too.
    Your home is certainly a dream cottage. If were driving through your neighborhood I would surely stop to take a photo of this enchantment.

    1. Thank you so much Lisa. Our house does look at its best this time of year, when the roses over the arch are flowering.

  7. What a delight to see your beautiful home and gorgeous roses. Your post touched a strong chord with me. We are thinking of moving after 26 years in the same house, but, yes, memories are strong. Don't know if we will actually do it. Am now curious about Amy Rigg, as well. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Good luck with your decision on moving house, we considered this some time ago but in the end we stayed put and revamped the kitchen instead. Hope you find some Amy Rigg I can see you in it.Thank you for your kind words.

  8. Oh my dear … those roses are absolutely amazing … especially how they compliment the color and architecture of your home. Sheer perfection … as is the sweet name of your ever abundant roses.

    You are looking chic as always!

    Sending you big holiday hugs from here in SoCal!


    1. Tamera , my best wishes to you and your family for the holiday season.
      Thank you for your always kind and generous comments, I always enjoy this rose flowering , many memories
      involved there.

  9. Your home looks lovely! I've lived in 100+-year-old houses and know it can be difficult unless they're updated and renovated frequently.
    What a marvelous outfit! It has a very early '40's vibe and reminds me so much of Katherine Hepburn. You have such a great sense of what works for you. It inspires me :-)


    1. Alicia, you are so right about the continual upkeep of older houses, not sure if we can keep it up in our dotage but we will see.
      The vintage vibe is what sold me on this outfit, love the Katherine Hepburn connection, thank you so much .

  10. Really beautiful photos of you with the grey suit and lovable hat!
    The roses are gorgeous and have a delicate pink shade of colour! They are so perfect in front of your Victorian home...

    1. So glad you liked the photos Dan, the house and the roses are naturally photogenic unlike myself.So glad you
      are fully recovered.

  11. Gorgeous creature ... outrageously lovely and lush Old roses, but you are still the most beautiful thing in the yard. You certainly show us what a "curated" wardrobe is, and absolutely how to wear and appreciate one. When is your book coming out? If you're not detailing your love affair with clothes, you certainly should be!

    1. Jan, you know how to say the right thing to make a girl feel good., thank you. Not sure about curated , maybe just plain collected and never sorted . Enjoy the run down to Christmas, I guess its busy for you.

  12. Loving your elegant style! So envious that flowers are in bloom where you are. It's the dead of winter, here, right now. P.S. I adore Victorian houses! T.

    1. Thank you , so glad you enjoyed the roses and they were able to add a little to your winter. Once again thank you for visiting.