Monday, 1 December 2014

A Garden and a Hat

Last weekend my sister
and I took a drive to
visit a fascinating private garden.
The garden at Kaydale Lodge
was created on rocky farm
land more than thirty years
ago .

The gardens are very
much a family affair,
with two daughters 
now working alongside
their parents
to weave their magic
with a landscape
of colour, their
artistic touches 

The pear walk
just one example
of the various
landscaping elements
throughout this stunning

Of particular interest
to us were these
stunning peonies,
with their large
vibrant flowers.
The multi-layered
petals always
remind me of
wonderous ball gowns.

To visit the garden 
I chose to wear
this tunic from OBI
from New Zealand,
with its floral print front.
To my eye the print has
an Oriental influence.
I teemed this with a
straight black skirt and 
leggings and a white
cotton jacket.
I also wore some
of my black and white

A handcrafted black
hat by milliner
Julie Neil adds
to my enjoyment of
the garden.

Joining Patti in
her Patti dress for
Visible Monday
Judith at
Style Crone
for this months
Hat Attack.



  1. Your outfit looks so "at home" in that spectacular garden, a great casual look.

    1. Thank you Tiina, the garden was indeed spectacular.

  2. The gardens are beautiful - and I really like your choice of top and hat. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

    1. Thank you Patti for your kind comments and for hosting Visible Monday.

  3. You are another flower in this lovely garden in your beautifully composed ensemble. Your hat has wonderful lines and details. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

  4. Thank you Judith, always a pleasure to join in Hat Attack.

  5. Beautiful hat with intricate style, and I agree with you on the Oriental influence in the design on your top, it's definitely there. I too adore visiting gardens. They are so peaceful and refreshing, you can rest, dream, learn in them... This one is a beauty! I love peonies - such gorgeous flowers! xxx

  6. A visit to a garden is so enjoyable isnt it, glad you share the pleasure of a visit. The girls at the garden gave me a bunch of peonies to take home and they are adding so much beauty to my dresser.

  7. Love the oriental floral tunic and your hat is fabulous. Again, gorgeous gardens.

  8. Sweet Jill, there are so many of things that I adore going on in this great post. Marvelous blooms, a wrist full of lovely bangles, a stunning, artistic print tunic, a fun hat, the list goes on and on. I hope you had a terrific outing at this immensely pretty garden. We're up to our eyelashes here in snow again and it's a treat to see so much greenery again.

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica, so glad my visit to the garden provided a distraction to your snowy conditions. Thank you for your kind words, expressed as only you can, you are so talented with words , my dear Jessica. X

  9. I'm always behind! But I get there eventually .... hey, Jilly! Yes, your lovely print blouse has an Asian feel to my eye, too. It's the brushwork, I think, and the subject for sure. If there's a cherry blossom on it, that's all I need! And its cool on you ... perfect with the little white jacket and sleek black skirt. Textures, fit, color ... and the hat is just grand! You are as beautiful as those gorgeous peonies. A favorite of mine ... so touchy to grow here, but worth ever bit of it. Thank you for an extra great winter-time treat. Always such a pleasure to see you!

    1. Never worry about being behind Jan, I so appreciate your wonderful, witty comments. Glad to add some blooming colour to your winter.

  10. Perfect blouse and very nice bag for a day in the garden! The peonies are really stunning and have very bright colours, gardens are nice places where to spend some time walking and enjoying spring!

    1. Thank you Dan, so pleased you are on the road to recovery. The colour of these peonies was such a treat for the eyes.Have a good week my dear.

  11. that garden is splendid!
    delightful look and photos<3

  12. So glad you enjoyed the photos and my look for the day.