Monday, 24 November 2014

Black & White

A dinner date with
my husband, John,
to our favourite
special occasion
restaurant and
a sudden drop in
temperatures made
me rethink my
original choice of outfit.

After a quick wardrobe
check, I settled on
this black and white
jacket , bustier and
long flowing skirt.

The last time I wore this
outfit was to my
nephews wedding
some time ago.

Donning the same
outfit bought back
many happy memories
of a wonderful day.

To me this is the
joy of shopping
my own wardrobe.

The various details on
the jacket is what sold
it to me originally.
I love the cornelli work
on the front and the
lacing on the back.

I love to dress up
for a special occasion,
I really don`t care
if most people are
more casually dressed
than me as is often
the case.

I also wore this
lovely bracelet,
a birthday present
from my sister.
It is Murano glass,
purchased in Venice
on her recent trip.
Every time I wear it will
remind us both of
her travels.

Joining Patti for
Visible Monday


Sacramento for
Black and
White is the
order of the day.


Monday, 17 November 2014

That Time Again

It is that time of the
year again, tomorrow
marks another year
older for me.
I have no fear 
of ageing , I plan
to embrace the wisdom
that comes with the
passage of time.
Part of the wisdom
is to accept the 
passage that life takes
us on, even if the
road is never as smooth
as we hope.
I plan to embrace
new experiences
even if they are  out
of my comfort zone.

Enjoying my own
peaceful back yard
and never underestimating
the therapy of time spent

Another of the joys
of ageing is that
you care less
what others think,
I find this so freeing.

I plan to
continue to
explore my own 
style, changing and
tweaking along the 
way .
I take inspiration
from anywhere
it presents itself,
especially the many
bloggers I have had the
honour to discover.

I enjoy the
world of both
vintage and thrifting
and  hope to expand
my interest and uncover
more treasures, hopefully
more summer hats.

I am looking forward
to a new year filled
with the joy of family
and friends and not
forgetting new pets.
Our little pup, Raffy,
is growing like a mushroom
and is a little white bundle
of mischief  and fun.

Another Birthday, Another Outfit.



Monday, 10 November 2014

Roses and Shoes

Two very different passions,
a love of roses
also a love of shoes.

My roses are now
in full bloom
filling the air
with their
intoxicating scent.

Most of my roses
are heritage roses.
Not only do I love
their beauty and
perfume,  the
history behind
each one is for
me fascinating.

Taking in the fragrance of one 
of my favourite roses, 
Souvenir de La Malmaison, 
a bourban rose dating 
back to 1842.

Today to enjoy the
roses I am wearing
a watermelon print
jacket from Ark.

Worn over a white top
and wide leg cream 

Cream and white
resin bangles and
white earrings( circa 1960)
complete the outfit.

If you look carefully 
you can see our new
pup Raffy playing in the

Shoes, the other passion
of mine.
I have had these
little beauties for
many summers
I love their colour
and the little metal
touch at the heel.

Sadly, the high wedge
is now only a sometimes
Walking any distance
in these not an option.,
pity they always look
so good. 

Joining Patti for Visible Monday
Sacramento for Share-in-Style
where the theme is shoes.


Sunday, 2 November 2014

One Year On

This post for
me is a bit
of a milestone,
I have now been 
blogging for
one year.

The blog started
as a prelude to
my 60th. birthday.
A challenge for this
extremely technically
challenged soul, to
learn something new
and if I am honest
to prove to my
family that I could.

Sometimes , as on occasion
was evident , I was not
sure if I was coming or going.

But for me it
was never about the blog
looking perfect or
professional, it never will.

It was to open my eyes
to new things and the
joy of connecting with
like minded women
from all around the 

I truly value the
friendships I 
have made over
the last year.
The kindness and caring
of the blogging community
is surely the most
valuable aspect
for me.

For this weeks post
I am wearing a skort,
by a Japanese label,
This is very much
out of my comfort zone
but I love its volume
and flow.

I have teamed it with
a white voile top
worn over black mesh.

I am determined to
leave the safety of
the usual more often.

I have added a
collection of bangles,
an silver flower necklace
and a newly acquired bag
from a local consignment store.

The  vintage black pixie hat
is a rare online purchase
from Ruby Lane.

Taking my hat over
to join with Hat Attack
at Style Crone.