Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Cream and some Tulips

I`m late, I`m late
for a very important date
to quote the White Rabbit
in Alice in Wonderland.

Normally I post on
Monday but life and
lousy weather intervened,
so better late than never.

Today the sun shone
and the winds had
disappeared so time
for a visit to the
garden to see what
is flowering .

I discovered these
tulips, a perfect match
for my much loved
tulip print bag.

Enjoying wearing this
cream jacket by Ted Baker
over my old stand byes ,
black layers.

The cream goes so well
with the Mount Fuji tree,
flowering in the background.
Pity about the neighbours
clothesline (my skills are
not clever enough to remove it).

Topping the outfit
with this cream
vintage hat  purchased
last summer.
Joining Share-in-Style
Hat Attack with Style Crone



  1. What a wonderful ensemble to start october, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love, love the tulip bag.
    Thank you so much for being part of Share-in-Style

    1. Thank you Sacramento, I always enjoy seeing everyone at Share-in-Style, thank you for giving us a chance to connect from all over the world.

  2. Beautiful outfit Jill. That tulip bag is very unique. Love it and the way you write your blogs is very interesting. xo

    1. Thank you Elsie, I have had that tulip bag forever and whenever I take it out I love it over again. I must admit the writing part is something I tend to struggle with sometimes, so I very much appreciate your kind words.

  3. Don't you just LOVE tulips? Seeing the pictures of yours blooming reminds me that here in the states it is time to plant the BULBS! I never seem to get around to it, but THIS year I'm determined!. No worries about your neighbor's clothesline...the colorful pins coordinate so well with the blue strap on that lovely tulip bag you're carrying! Jaunty little hat there too!

    1. I do love tulips, these are just a few now flowering planted some time ago. I look forward to seeing your tulips in your Spring. Thank you for visiting Susan.

  4. Your bag is quite a statement piece, and goes well withbthis lovely understated outfit. Spring down under looks quite beautiful...

    1. Spring can be quite beautiful here even though weather is often unpredictable, enjoy each day as it comes. Hope you are enjoying your favourite Autumn.

  5. The whole look is so cute Jill! I love watching you move from season to season in the opposite as us. The hat is so flattering on you!
    Oh, by the way, on my Miata. The entire emission system has been rebuilt and should be good now. I guess the year mine is had a recall on emission parts made by Ford and there were 3 updates after the recall which had to be done. Now I should be good to go. But that was another 700.00!

    1. Me too, I enjoy seeing your fall emerge as we go into spring.
      Glad your Miata is now fixed and good to go, pity about the 700.00. I will pass the technical details on to my husband, he will be quite interested.

  6. Gorgeous hat and jacket, but the bag really steals the show!

    I love tulips, too, and it's so nice to see them and all your flowering trees as we head into autumn. So far I'm not too jealous. ;-)

    1. I remember Autumn in your part of the world as rather spectacular, so I wouldn`t be too jealous.Tulips are so strikeing in their colour and shape, I think this what I love about them.Thank you for your comments Val.

  7. You are looking so springlike and here I am gearing up for fall and cold weather. The blooms are lovely and that is such an unusual purse. Love the white blazer. I am in need of some more structured jackets. I tend to buy too many cardigans instead. I've said it before, but you do have the best collection of hats. Debbie @

  8. Thank you Debbie, Spring has now arrived in all its glory here . I enjoyed your fall photos and those stunning colours.
    I have always loved a jacket so have quite a collection amassed over many years, as are the hats. Have a lovely week, Debbie.

  9. Spring has arrived in your part of the world and everything around you is declaring it! I like you wearing a hat and the today's one is very nice. I also like the cream colour jacket on your dark blouse and pretty handbag as well!!

  10. You look like a tulip yourself in your outfit! Tulips are such graphic glowers, they look almost man-made in a way. I love the blazer and the hat, and of course the tulip print bag is such a show stealer! You have a very beautiful garden, Jill. Spring is my favorite time of year (and Fall too). Gardens are amazing in bloom!

    Thank you for your wonderful, warm comments, I always enjoy reading them! xxx