Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Halloween, Not Really

Halloween is not really enjoyed
here. When I was growing up
we only ever saw images
of Halloween through American
TV series.
Somehow Halloween doesn`t
seem right in Spring, maybe 
that`s why it hasn`t really
caught on here.
We now see supermarkets
trying to promote it, 
with related products,
not big sellers I`m sure.

So no wonderful costume
ideas from me,my
black and white was
the order of the day.

I added a burnt
orange wrap for
a nod to traditional
Autumn tones.

Maybe one day
I will experience
a true Halloween .

On another note
I would like to
introduce the
newest addition 
to our family,
this little white
fluffball named

Joining the clever
Rosie and Sacramento
for Share-in-Style
and admiring all
the Halloween ideas.


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Tiptoeing Through The Tulips

A visit to The Table Cape
Tulip Farm had me revisiting
the Tiny Tim song.

The spectacular sight
of all the colour of rows and
rows of tulips sets this
flower lovers heart
a flutter.

The Tulip Farm was established
26 years ago and is now
one of the largest in
the Southern Hemisphere.
The spectacular blooms play
a secondary role as it is the
bulbs themselves that are
sold all around the country
in Autumn.

The farm is on the North West tip
of our state overlooking
Bass Strait, the stretch of
water that separates us 
from mainland Australia.
Last week the very talented
Joni James of An Artful Closet
kindly included me in her
Round the World in 20 blogs
The ferry featured in Joni`s post
travels this stretch of water.

I choose to dress quite
simply in good
old black and white
as I knew the colour of the tulips
would be the star of the show.
 Wearing black and white
straight leg pants from
Meredith and a flared
black light jumper.
Paired with a red, black and white
necklace and black and white bangle.
Coral brogues from last summer,
so comfortable for tip toeing.
I also bought my flowery tote along.

No man made colour
can ever compete with
the glorious colour
provided by Mother Nature.

On another note all together,
we have a new addition to
our family. An 8 week old
as yet unnamed puppy.
He is a little white fluff ball,
a Bischon Fris, Maltese cross,
cute as a button.

Joining Patti and all the other
colourful souls for Visible Monday.


Monday, 13 October 2014


Today I was in the
mood for spots,
so out came this
old favourite.

I love the playfulness
of spots , they just 
make me feel happy.

Last week my sister
and I visited Hobart
and were fortunate
enough to see the 
Advanced Style film.
We both thoroughly
enjoyed the movie
and found the ladies
all so inspiring,
their joy of life
and of course 
their wonderful
and so individual style.

I am a great believer
in the art of
dressing and the
effect it has on how 
we present ourselves
and the flow on effect on
your self esteem.
I don` t follow the
supposed fashion rules
bur rather make my own way.

I am taking my spots
to Share-in-Style
with Sacramento.


Monday, 6 October 2014

Black and White

Black and white is always
a favourite of mine.
It can be stripes, spots,
checks or just blocks
of contrast, I really
don`t care.

Yesterday, on a mild but
very windy day,
(note the windswept hair),
my husband and I drove
to Barnboogle Lost Farm
for lunch.
Barnboogle is a golf course
set amongst the dunes
parallel to the beach.

 Lunch with a view,
looking out over
the golf course,
beach and seas

Another view of the golf
course, golfers from
all over the country come 
here to play.
I can see the attraction. 

Wearing a black and white
check jacket over
wide leg black pants
and black top and black
and white necklace and bangle.

Joining Patti at Visible Monday.


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Cream and some Tulips

I`m late, I`m late
for a very important date
to quote the White Rabbit
in Alice in Wonderland.

Normally I post on
Monday but life and
lousy weather intervened,
so better late than never.

Today the sun shone
and the winds had
disappeared so time
for a visit to the
garden to see what
is flowering .

I discovered these
tulips, a perfect match
for my much loved
tulip print bag.

Enjoying wearing this
cream jacket by Ted Baker
over my old stand byes ,
black layers.

The cream goes so well
with the Mount Fuji tree,
flowering in the background.
Pity about the neighbours
clothesline (my skills are
not clever enough to remove it).

Topping the outfit
with this cream
vintage hat  purchased
last summer.
Joining Share-in-Style
Hat Attack with Style Crone