Monday, 15 September 2014

Winter Revisted

Spring has arrived in all her
brilliant glory here in the
Southern Hemisphere.

As much as I am looking
forward to Spring/Summer
dressing I will miss my
winter wardrobe .
I have always loved
the somewhat dressier
clothing of winter.
Time for a recap of
some of my favourites
from this winter.

This red coat dress worn 
over black pants , topped
with a black hat and
leopard print wrap
is always a pleasure
to wear to add a
bright note on many
a dull winter day.

I grew to love purple 
again after discovering
this jacket, worn here 
with a long black skirt
with a ruffled under
skirt and a purple hat.

These wide leg cropped
pants from many
winters ago have
again served me well.
Seen here with a
taupe wrap jacket
and turban.

I have owned this 
cream and black
skirt for many a winter,
it has made a most welcome
return to the front of my closet.
Worn at the beach with a 
jewelled black hat and
taupe wool jacket.

I have enjoyed rediscovering
skirts this Winter after
many years of mainly

I plan to continue
this new found love
of skirts into Summer.

Taking my Winter Recap
over to Share-in-Style
where the topic is pants/skirts.



  1. I can see why you love winter dressing... although what you call winter seems like the perfect autumn for me (it's only winter if it's below freezing and there's plenty of snow...). The dressier outfits are so much fun to put together, and who could resist a nice coat? BTW the wrap coat is amazing...

    1. Tiina, I think our mild winters are probably your autumn, sometimes sub zero overnight but never any snow.
      Look forward to your winter outfits, when that time comes.Thank you for visiting, have a good week.

  2. Jill, each and every outfit is so elegant! I have always yearned for a red coat, but have been afraid the color might be too bright for me; however, you have changed my mind. You look so stunning and so comfortable in it. I'm going to search for a red coat this winter, by george!

    1. Marea, I hope you find your red coat, I always enjoy wearing mine, it seems to cheer up a dull day.Thank you for your kind comments.

  3. Tasmania is a bit far away from me, but I would love to raid your closet, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh so many wonderful clothes.
    Thank you so much for being part of Share-in-Style.

    1. Thank you Sacramento, I always enjoy Share-in-Style. In more ways than one it is a pity Spain is so far away,
      maybe one day I will revisit Spain.

  4. You are a genius fall/winter season dresser! I want to learn from you! Love all the jackets here, and the skirt is gorgeous in the last outfit, and you always top it off with an interesting looking hat! Lovely, elegant, timeless, a bit quirky - and so very your own style! xxx

    1. Natalia, you are so kind and generous . I have always found winter dressing so much easier for me, I guess I am a more formal dresser, summer is always more casual, something I`m not so comfortable with.I enjoy your style and am looking forward to seeing you in winter.

  5. HI ! I am new to your blog. Love the colors of your jackets. The red is fabulous with the leopard scarf and I am a big fan of purple, so I love that as well. You look great!
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by Jess and for your kind comments.

  6. Your hats are brilliant. Fabulous winter looks!

    1. Thank you so much, I must admit I do love a winter hat, now to add to my summer collection.

  7. It's fun watching your weather change in the opposite direction from us in the US. That flower photo is exhilarating!
    On the style re-cap it is very prevalent your taste for very nice classic things. Well made and with luscious fabrics.

    1. Thank you Joni, I have enjoyed watching everyone enjoy summer, even on a cool day, knowing the reverse will happen .The hyacinths are a wonderful spring flower, always spectacular.

  8. I love your bright coats and cute hats! I used to wear hats more, will have to get back into that. I especially love your red coat, so cute! :)

    1. Thank you Laurie I have enjoyed winter dressing. Like you I didnt wear my hats for a time but always kept them , it was such fun rediscovering my love of hats. Hope you do too.

  9. Bravo my dear … on a most beautiful winter recap! I too … prefer fall/winter dressing! But it is still in the 100's here in Southern California's northern hemisphere … I have been waiting what seems … ever so long for Autumn crispness!

    Thank you for sharing your most lovely self!


    1. Thank you Tamera for your kind words. Sounds like you still have quite a wait for some cooler weather so you can enjoy your fall/winter outfits., no doubt they will be stunning.