Monday, 22 September 2014


The women in my family
have always been very
keen gardeners.
My sister and I have
continued this tradition,
each of us in our
own way.
Our late mother was
a very talented gardener,
we both have fond
memories of the garden
we enjoyed as children
filled with beautiful,
perfumed flowers.

Mum was also  a
life member of the
local Horticultural Society
and always participated
in the seasonal flower shows.

This past weekend
was the annual Spring 
Flower Show, always
a favourite.
After a milder than
usual Winter and 
a warm,dry start
to Spring the
blooms on show
were quite spectacular.

A visit to the
flower show
is not just a
sensory pleasure,
it evokes strong
memories of Mum
in her element,
surrounded by flowers.

The tradition continues,
a love of flowers ,
a strong bond
within our family.

Wearing a loose 
black and white
shirt with large
flowers, worn over
black layers and
topped with a
multi strand fake
pearl necklace.

I chose black
and white as no
colour could top
the vibrance 
Mother Nature 
produces in Spring.

Taking the floral theme
to Visible Monday.


  1. Quite an appropriate outfit for the occasion, and those flowers are gorgeous!

    1. Thankyou Tiina, the flowers have been really beautiful this year.

  2. Beautiful flowers and lovely shots. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you look great as well in that flowy top and pearls. xox

    1. Thank you Patti, always a pleasure to join Visible Monday.

  3. Amazing! I love the daffodils. They remind me of my childhood so much.
    Your soft tunic blouse is perfect as it does not compete with the vibrancy of nature. You look classy as always Jill!

    1. Daffodils surely do announce the arrival of Spring, we always had some in the garden,something I continued.
      Thank you for your kind words, Joni.

  4. That's a beautiful and sweet family tradition to keep! It's like getting "a visit" from Mom every time you are surrounded by flowers... Very beautiful black and white blouse, combined with pearls - such a unique take on the floral theme! Always enjoy reading your posts, Jill! Enjoy the Spring! xxx

    1. Thank you Natalia, so glad you enjoyed the post. You are right about the connection of flowers and my fond memories of my mother. Have a good week my dear.

  5. Taking care of flowers you can feel your mother close to you and that is so beautiful... very nice photos, and your shirt is wonderful! ( I always love floral prints )
    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you Dan for your kind words, as you can tell flowers play a big part in my family.Hope you have a good week,

  6. Wow! You look so glam and just magical in you lovely blouse. Excellent idea ... I think that's why beautiful women the world over understand the value of black and white!
    I love peonies ... those, in particular, always remind me of my own mother!

    1. Peonies are just wonderful aren`t they, such voluptuos blooms. As you know black and white is a favourite of mine a combination I often return to time and time again.Thank you for your always kind words, Jan, have a good week.

  7. My grandmother grew the most magnificent roses you've ever seen, and your post was a wonderful reminder. You're absolutely right in wearing your lovely black and let the flowers shine as your pop of color; lovely!


    1. Glad the post stired thoughts of your grandmother, roses are a firm favourite of mine too, I grow many old fashioned perfumed varieties. Thank you for stopping by, Alicia.

  8. What a lovely blouse you're wearing...So comfortable yet elegant looking. I can just imagine all the wonderful ways you can "change it up" with different pairings going from quite formal to casual.