Monday, 22 September 2014


The women in my family
have always been very
keen gardeners.
My sister and I have
continued this tradition,
each of us in our
own way.
Our late mother was
a very talented gardener,
we both have fond
memories of the garden
we enjoyed as children
filled with beautiful,
perfumed flowers.

Mum was also  a
life member of the
local Horticultural Society
and always participated
in the seasonal flower shows.

This past weekend
was the annual Spring 
Flower Show, always
a favourite.
After a milder than
usual Winter and 
a warm,dry start
to Spring the
blooms on show
were quite spectacular.

A visit to the
flower show
is not just a
sensory pleasure,
it evokes strong
memories of Mum
in her element,
surrounded by flowers.

The tradition continues,
a love of flowers ,
a strong bond
within our family.

Wearing a loose 
black and white
shirt with large
flowers, worn over
black layers and
topped with a
multi strand fake
pearl necklace.

I chose black
and white as no
colour could top
the vibrance 
Mother Nature 
produces in Spring.

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Winter Revisted

Spring has arrived in all her
brilliant glory here in the
Southern Hemisphere.

As much as I am looking
forward to Spring/Summer
dressing I will miss my
winter wardrobe .
I have always loved
the somewhat dressier
clothing of winter.
Time for a recap of
some of my favourites
from this winter.

This red coat dress worn 
over black pants , topped
with a black hat and
leopard print wrap
is always a pleasure
to wear to add a
bright note on many
a dull winter day.

I grew to love purple 
again after discovering
this jacket, worn here 
with a long black skirt
with a ruffled under
skirt and a purple hat.

These wide leg cropped
pants from many
winters ago have
again served me well.
Seen here with a
taupe wrap jacket
and turban.

I have owned this 
cream and black
skirt for many a winter,
it has made a most welcome
return to the front of my closet.
Worn at the beach with a 
jewelled black hat and
taupe wool jacket.

I have enjoyed rediscovering
skirts this Winter after
many years of mainly

I plan to continue
this new found love
of skirts into Summer.

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Blooming In Spring

One of the joys of Spring
for me is seeing the
garden come to life.

A magnolia tree in
full bloom signalling
the arrival of spring
in spectacular fashion.

Making the most of a
warm spring day,
enjoying natures gifts.

Today is Fathers Day,
remembering my father
and celebrating today
with a great Dad,
my husband John.
This week also is my
wedding anniversary,
it is our 38th.

My first summer hat,
a grey and cream fedora,
bought in Sydney several
years ago.
The pewter  necklace
has a heart and a tassle,
missing in the photo.

A new season brings
with it change and 
the joy and challenge
of the new.

Wearing a pewter and
silver jacket , recently
purchased at a Red Cross
charity shop.

Worn with black pants.
White and mauve bangle.

Time to enjoy the
new season,
Spring for the
southern hemisphere,
Autumn for the northern

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Monday, 1 September 2014

Sailing Into Spring

Today marks the first day
of Spring in my part of the world,
and of course it rained .

Later in the day, between
showers my photographer,
(kind husband ), and I
went to an area by
the river for todays

Turning my back on Winter.


Not quite ready to part
with the leopard print
just yet.
This trench  worn over
black layers was just perfect
for todays inclement weather.


I am not ready to put
my winter hats away just yet,
this taupe hat with its feather
and black beads was a new
purchase this year and
has become a favourite.

Taking maybe the last
winter hat over to join
Style Crone for Hat Attack.

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