Sunday, 10 August 2014

Something Old, Something New

Something Old

The bridge behind me
is the oldest bridge in
The convict built sandstone
bridge dates from 1823 and
is in the town of Richmond,
near Hobart our states
capital city.
We stopped there
recently on our way to
Hobart to help our
son celebrate his birthday.

Something New

A change of hair colour
and a little change of style.
The colour is quite coppery,
bordering on orange.
I should know by now
never tell a hairdresser
you want the colour a little
warmer, experience should
have told me there are no
half measures.
Oh well, it will fade.
I am very pleased with
the cut, a little shorter
on the sides but much
more shaped at the back.

Sometimes a change
is the order of the day.

Blending in well with
the earthy colour of
the sandstone .
Vanilla colour leather jacket
from Caroline Moore,
worn over spotty top 
by Marlene Birger,
crop wide leg pants
by Nicola Waite
and beads
and bangles
also in earthy tones
from my collection.

Spotted this sign in
Salamanca Place, Hobart.

Good quality chocolate
for me one of life`s pleasures.

Salamanca Place is always a must
to visit with many great galleries,
shops and restaurants.
This area also is home
to a bustling market
every Saturday.
The old sandstone warehouses
date from the 1840`s.

Back home again after
a couple of enjoyable
days .

Taking the new do to join
all the wonderous fashion
at Visible Monday.



  1. That's a very trendy outfit, and the new hair colour is perfect for it. With hair colour it can be tricky to get it just right, or to get used to change... I experimented with hair colours when I was younger, but it was always a disaster (hello, yellow/orange hair!), but now I can't be bothered. Maybe when the grey hairs start showing a bit more...

    1. You are so right Tiina, sometimes it is just a matter of getting used to change.

  2. Loving your new hair color, Jill, and the new cut. And the pictures too - what a feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

    1. Thank you Patti, glad you enjoyed the pictures, always a pleasure to join in Visible Monday.

  3. I think the new hair color looks great on you, maybe you will "warm" up to it! It looks perfect with your outfit! :)

    1. I think you are right Laurie, I am becoming more fond of the colour.

  4. Another red head! I am as well, of Irish decent. I read it is new, I am sure you will love it. Love the layers with the black tan and leopard print, very stylish!
    from the link up,

    please stop by, jess

    1. Thank you Jessica for your kind comments, I always love your hair.

  5. I really like the new cut and color. It was the first thing I noticed. I think it looks great on you. I have always loved red hair and wished I could wear it. I've learned color fades and tones are easily corrected. I usually ask for too much ash and end up too cool. Oh well. Debbie @

    1. Thank you so much, Debbie. We are always our own worst critics.

  6. I love the coppery hair color. It suits your face and has tons of shine.I actually wear streaks of pink in mine. Never be afraid to try something new. I adore your jacket as well. I have a similar one and it's a nice change from dark leather.


    1. Alicia, you are so right about trying something new, moving out of our comfort zone. The light jacket is a change from my usual black.

  7. I like your shade of copper the way it is now, I think it suits you. Nice outfit and really lovely accessories. And I love that sign about chocolate :) I agree with it

    1. Thank you Olga for your kind words. The sign certainly spoke to me too.

  8. Ooooh! I LOVE your hair, but then I would. I mix just a little brown in my auburn and it keeps it from looking coppery. Looks gorgeous on you! Speaking of gorgeous on you, your very polished outfit is a winner. Pretty and very fresh looking. Hope you had a fine time, and had some of that chocolate.

    1. Thanks for the hair colour tip Jan. The trip was most enjoyable, always great to see my son and spend time with him and his partner. Yes, I did indulge in a little chocolate.

  9. Oh how I agree that we all need much more chocolate. I also agree with your play on lengths in your pants and jacket. Well put together indeed.

    1. Good chocolate in moderation is one of lifes pleasures. Thank you for visiting Glenda.

  10. Your new hairstyle is very nice indeed, Jill! And also the colour suits is quite different from your previous colour so, probably you just have to get used to it...very nice necklace too!
    Chocolate is real passion for me! I especially love it bitter and very thin... :-)

    1. I am pleased with the cut and am feeling more at one with the colour now.
      I`m with you on the bitter, thin chocolate, a little treat now and then.