Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nearly Spring

A week of mild, sunny days
has bought on signs of an early
spring .
Both with my coral coat
and the blooms on the
flowering plum tree.

The coral linen mix coat
is by Sinequanone
and was last worn
to my nephews wedding.
I have teamed it with a
black and white wrap,
black and white resin
necklace by Dinosaur Designs
and black and white bangles.

A change of seasons
would normally see
me visiting my favourite
shops to add something new
to my wardrobe.
This year is different,a change
of circumstance will do that.

In the same way as
I welcome and enjoy
reacquainting myself with
the treasures in my garden,
I too will enjoy the sometimes
hidden treasures in my closet.

The thought of rediscovering
my creativity is an exciting prospect,
one I intend to savour.

I am ready for change,
so first a change of thinking
must take place.
I feel the time is right
for some soul searching 
and rediscovery.

I am so ready to enjoy
a positive future.
Joining Patti at Visible Monday.



  1. This pretty bright coat fits you brighter mood. And bright colours also lift your mood, make a grey day seem better. I'm glad you're feeling more positive towards the future.

    1. Thank you Tiina for your kind words, a more vibrant feel is definately in the air.

  2. You're right about color lifting our mood. Here's to a brighter future! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you look terrific.

    1. Colour, whether in nature or in our choice of outfit does surely affect how we feel on any given day.Thank you for Visible Monday.

  3. I can relate to having to shop my closet more, especially since my sewing machine died! Sometimes we don't realize what we have till we look. Love your coral jacket, with the black and white! Happy Spring! :)

    1. Thank you Laurie, sometimes it is good to make the most of what we already have.Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  4. What a beauty you are, Jilly! That' a lovely combination of colors and textures ... that scarf is ethereal and so right for this time of year! Love you in red and black. Powerful!

    1. Oh Jan, you do know how to make a girl feel good.Thanks for your kind words.

  5. I absolutely love the vivid coat with the patterned scarf! I'm going to steal this look from you immediately (well, weather permitting). If you're ready for a positive future it's yours for the taking ;-)


    1. Feel free Alicia, I can see you in this colour.You are right about the positive attitude, thank you.

  6. This coral coat is a stunner on its own and the way you styled and accessorized it make it look even more stunning. The blooming trees create beautiful background.

    1. I must admit to being rather fond of this coral colour. I too love the flowering trees in Spring. Thank you Olga.

  7. Being ready to live changes of life in a positive way is the key for happiness! In every woman's closet there are hidden treasures which wait of being discovered!

    Your coral coat is great! And your garden is a beauty!

  8. Thank you Dan, so right you are about enjoy lifes changes and making the most of everything.
    I will enjoy rediscovering the contents of my closet, the coral just one example.

  9. I love your positive thinking here. It's contagious! So is your upbeat color. When fall comes where I live I have a tendency to only wear neutrals. I think I'll look for some brighter sweaters.
    I hope you have a lovely Spring.

    1. I know what you mean about the neutrals, black is one of mine, I am trying to add more colour in my wardrobe.Hope you find some brights.