Monday, 4 August 2014

First Flowers

July was for me
a bit of a challenge,
so glad that it has come 
to an end but not without
Mother Nature wreaking
havoc on our small island.
Last week saw the strongest
winds and heavy rains ,followed
on with snow falls in many parts.

A new month has now started,
bringing calmer weather
and the joy of the first camellias
in my garden. 
This bush was given to me by
my late mother , so its flowering
holds special meaning.

I am determined to go
with the flow , much
like my scarf as the wind 
catches it and takes it
on its own way.

Our lives take us
on many different journeys,
sometimes you just have to
let it happen.

I am so glad I
have a garden to 
enjoy each new flower,
as they make their presence
felt in the bare bones of 
a winter landscape.

The vibrant colour of this
scarf  , worn over a black
background, echoes against the
stark beauty of a
magnolia tree in its 
winter glory.

I have also chosen
to add stacks of
bangles in different colours.

The taupe and black
of this little hat blend 
in well with the elements.
I found this little hat
earlier in the year at a
small local store and fell for
its style and finishing touches.

Taking the time
to enjoy the beauty
all around us is
the greatest gift.

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  1. I think I have told you thid before, but I just love your winter. It looks so much like... I don't know, spring, summer, but cooler and more pleasant. I am basing this so-not-objective observation on the lovely flowers in your photos. When there is so much green around, I call it summer, whatever the temperature...

    1. I know we are lucky to have fairly mild winters, so the garden continues to flower in many guises year round.
      Hopefully you will have milder weather soon, I know how you and the heat are not the best of friends.

  2. Oh, Bloom in Winter! Excellent. Such great photos in your quiet garden! Lovely scarf and hat ... even more beautiful you. Thank you for the bright photos of your neat self!
    Sorry I'm so slow, but I'll get around to it all eventually!

    1. Jan, never worry about being slow , I appreciate you taking time out from your busy time.My garden is a source of great pleasure to me , never perfect but I dont mind that.Hope things are calming down for you.

  3. I find your style really unique, and I enjoy it a lot! I also really appreciate your attitude - you speak very wisely and so peacefully. I love the bright scarf with all the wild colors against the black outfit. Your accessories are always eye catching, like these colorful bangles. Camelia blooms in January where I live - mid-winter to early Spring. I love it too!

    I just wanted to tell you that I went through your blog yesterday. I haven't read everything, but I looked at all the photos. You are tremendously creative with shapes and colors, and have a great eye for beauty around you. I wonder what is your background, how did you develop your sense of beauty and style? Is it in the family, is it your education and career, or simply your passion? Maybe you could write about it more some day - I would really appreciate that, as I am sure a lot of your readers and friends would too. :)

    1. Thank you Natalia for your so kind comments. I feel so lucky to live in beautiful , natural surroundings and wanted to share a glimpse of our state on my blog. So glad you enjoyed the scarf, I love its bright colours against my way too often blacks.

  4. Nice scarf - I love the roses :-)
    LG Carolin

  5. I am so glad to know that the weather is sweet to you.
    You look wonderfulllllllllllllllllll
    Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for joining and sharing your style with us.

    1. You are so kind Sacramento, always enjoy your global share-in-style

  6. Beautiful images and wise life sentiments my dear! I send you loving hugs!


  7. What a lovely scarf, and the poem is great. :)

    1. A pleasure to meet you Jacqueline, thank you for your kind comments.

  8. SO glad you left your url on my blog post comment! You have a beautiful smile, and your scarf is gorgeous, especially against the black and taupe! I hope the weather improves and your garden is fabulous ;-)


    1. Thank you Alicia for you kind comments. Late winter weather always unpredictable , spring not so far away.

  9. You are a sensitive person Jill, and your posts always show it...The beautiful scarf, with all its colours is perfect on your dark outfit...a garden full of new flowers brings a lot of joy!

  10. Sweet Dan, your visits always touch me with your kind, insightful comments.

  11. Lovely post Jill. The scarf is fabulous and I like the way you write your posts. They have that poetic flow about them!!! xo

    1. Thank you Elsie, some colour for me for a change.