Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nearly Spring

A week of mild, sunny days
has bought on signs of an early
spring .
Both with my coral coat
and the blooms on the
flowering plum tree.

The coral linen mix coat
is by Sinequanone
and was last worn
to my nephews wedding.
I have teamed it with a
black and white wrap,
black and white resin
necklace by Dinosaur Designs
and black and white bangles.

A change of seasons
would normally see
me visiting my favourite
shops to add something new
to my wardrobe.
This year is different,a change
of circumstance will do that.

In the same way as
I welcome and enjoy
reacquainting myself with
the treasures in my garden,
I too will enjoy the sometimes
hidden treasures in my closet.

The thought of rediscovering
my creativity is an exciting prospect,
one I intend to savour.

I am ready for change,
so first a change of thinking
must take place.
I feel the time is right
for some soul searching 
and rediscovery.

I am so ready to enjoy
a positive future.
Joining Patti at Visible Monday.


Monday, 18 August 2014

Summer....Not Quite Yet

Summer is still a long way off
in my part of the world.
I have cheated a little for
Share-in-Style`s theme
of summer and used
this image taken last summer.

As today was 12C this is
what I really wore for
a winter beach visit.

.Enjoying the winter sunshine
on the pebbly, river side beach,
wearing skirt by Verge and
jacket by Lisa Ho.
The jacket and skirt trim
reflecting the colour of the sand..

A hat by Helen Kaminski
encrusted with jewel toned
stones reflects the colours
in the background.

Last week saw a
change of fortune
work wise, I have
a month of part time
work for September.
This may lead to something
more permanent but
time will tell.

Making the most of every day,
keeping busy in the garden,
catching up with friends
and rediscovering the joy
that regular exercise can bring.

The inner child in me
loves nothing better than to swing.
I just can`t help myself
whenever I see a swing
I just have to jump on and
swing to my hearts desire.
The little girl never really
grows up.

Swinging over to join
Sacramento and the summery
souls at Share-in-Style



Sunday, 10 August 2014

Something Old, Something New

Something Old

The bridge behind me
is the oldest bridge in
The convict built sandstone
bridge dates from 1823 and
is in the town of Richmond,
near Hobart our states
capital city.
We stopped there
recently on our way to
Hobart to help our
son celebrate his birthday.

Something New

A change of hair colour
and a little change of style.
The colour is quite coppery,
bordering on orange.
I should know by now
never tell a hairdresser
you want the colour a little
warmer, experience should
have told me there are no
half measures.
Oh well, it will fade.
I am very pleased with
the cut, a little shorter
on the sides but much
more shaped at the back.

Sometimes a change
is the order of the day.

Blending in well with
the earthy colour of
the sandstone .
Vanilla colour leather jacket
from Caroline Moore,
worn over spotty top 
by Marlene Birger,
crop wide leg pants
by Nicola Waite
and beads
and bangles
also in earthy tones
from my collection.

Spotted this sign in
Salamanca Place, Hobart.

Good quality chocolate
for me one of life`s pleasures.

Salamanca Place is always a must
to visit with many great galleries,
shops and restaurants.
This area also is home
to a bustling market
every Saturday.
The old sandstone warehouses
date from the 1840`s.

Back home again after
a couple of enjoyable
days .

Taking the new do to join
all the wonderous fashion
at Visible Monday.


Monday, 4 August 2014

First Flowers

July was for me
a bit of a challenge,
so glad that it has come 
to an end but not without
Mother Nature wreaking
havoc on our small island.
Last week saw the strongest
winds and heavy rains ,followed
on with snow falls in many parts.

A new month has now started,
bringing calmer weather
and the joy of the first camellias
in my garden. 
This bush was given to me by
my late mother , so its flowering
holds special meaning.

I am determined to go
with the flow , much
like my scarf as the wind 
catches it and takes it
on its own way.

Our lives take us
on many different journeys,
sometimes you just have to
let it happen.

I am so glad I
have a garden to 
enjoy each new flower,
as they make their presence
felt in the bare bones of 
a winter landscape.

The vibrant colour of this
scarf  , worn over a black
background, echoes against the
stark beauty of a
magnolia tree in its 
winter glory.

I have also chosen
to add stacks of
bangles in different colours.

The taupe and black
of this little hat blend 
in well with the elements.
I found this little hat
earlier in the year at a
small local store and fell for
its style and finishing touches.

Taking the time
to enjoy the beauty
all around us is
the greatest gift.

Linking the flowers to Sacramento at Share-in-Style.