Monday, 21 July 2014

Winter White and Snowdrops

Snowdrops in the garden,
one of the joys of winter.
I love the sheer simplicity
of form of these tiny little 

This winter white jacket
by Didier Parakin has been
a favourite part of my winter
dressing for many winters.
I love its shape , the rufflled edges
and the super sized buttons.

Pairing the jacket
with a straight black
skirt by VSSP.
black opaque tights,
worn with red Ara 
ankle boots.

A slate grey velvet hat
with a large black bow
by Crochetta is my
chapeau of the day.
This is another hat
from the early 80s
and wearing it evokes
memories of times passed.

Discovering a new hellebore,
 flowering for the first time,
this to me is the pleasure
of a garden.

The simplest things
are often what gives the 
greatest joy.

The last few weeks
have been challenging
after loosing my job,
much soul searching.

One day at time,
appreciate the small things,
they often give us the most joy.

Taking my shoes to
join Sheila for Shoe Shine
joining Mis Papelicos
for Share-in-Style
the theme is white.



  1. What a fabulous coat. Love it, in fact I think you have impressive collection of coats Jill and you wear them well. xoxo

    1. My coats span many years, one of the pros of living in a cooler area, the con tonight expected temperature of minus 4. Enjoy your week Elsie.

  2. I love your winter white coat. Keep forgetting seasons are opposite down under. Here we are in linen and shorts. I share your philosophy of life, though, 100%. It's the little things that matter. Lovely post.

    1. Thank you Marea for visiting and your kind comments. Enjoy your linen and shorts.

  3. Gosh, I would love your winter... Now (when it's hot) AND in February, when I'll be knee-deep in snow... On another note, I hope you keep tour head up high and won't give in to sad thoughts over losing your job. I know from personal experience how something like that fan get to you, and you have to fight it.

    1. Thank you Tiina for your kind comments, I am accepting things much better as time passes, keeping positive
      with much self talk. Compared to many places our winters are mild, we have frosts but snow only on the mountains.

  4. I love your gorgeous red shoes - thank you for linking up to Shoe Shine, Jill! That white coat is so gorgeous! It makes me long for the chillier months...but they will be here soon enough!

  5. Thank you Sheila, a pleasure to join Shoe Shine. Enjoy your summer, as you say winter will always come sooner than you would like.

  6. Your white jacket is gorgeous! A little treasure :)
    Love your red shoes, makes the outfit perfect.

    have a nice and sunny day
    greetings from Germany
    Dana :)

    1. Than you so much Dana, another cool but sunny day here.

  7. Best jacket ever I love the boots too.
    Thank you sooooooo much for being part of the Share-in-Style family, do visit other friends in the link up.
    Do get ready for the next one 4th August- Flowers

    1. Always enjoy being a part of the Share-in-Style family and linking up with others from all around the world.Must remember next time and flowers.

  8. Dear, I’d like to say that your blog is awesome! And everything is amazing! I like your design, your photos and your style!

    will be happy if you find a minute to visit my blog)

    1. Thank you Diana for your kind words, I certainly will visit your blog.

  9. You demonstrate why I think I'm a winter-woman at heart. Coats and boots inspire most of my winter outfits, on one level or another, and they work hard for more years than other elements. You show why ... gorgeous you in white and black. Charming and perfectly clean lined ... love the little pin and your so pretty hat. And RED BOOTIES! How great are they? Lovely.
    Hope your employment situation resolves however you want it to. Hard when that is a change we don't want to make! My thoughts are with you!

    1. Jan, you are so right about the longevity of the winter clothing, mine continues to serve me well season after season. Like you I am a winter girl, somehow I always feel right in winter garb.As for the change, I am constantly reminding myself that things happen for a reason.Enjoy your week my dear.

  10. Very beautiful and delicate flower... simplicity is so fashinating! Your white jacket suits you well and the huge buttons are very nice!
    I am sorry about your working situation and hope things will soon improve...
    You are a sensitive person and your hat is delightful!

    1. This little flower is so much a favourite winter flower in my garden because of its pure form. Thank oyu for your kind comments Dan, I am sure things will sort themselves out soon. X

  11. It is such a beautifully made coat. The fit is perfect.
    I feel for you in your soul searching after losing a job. Our work tends to define us and fills so much time and space in our lives. It's hard to fill the gaps and wonder what's next. I wish you peace and contentment Jill.

  12. Thank you Joni, for your kind and caring words. Work is a big part of our lives and when the situation changes a rethink is in order, much as when the children become independent adults and our role changes.Change is a good thing in our lives, it sometimes takes a while to sift through. Have a joyous week.

  13. Sweet Jill, you look magnificent. I love the ruffled edge of your coat. It's fun and sweet, and adds a distinct note of playfulness to this look. I often aim for similar touches myself, as I'm not usually a fan of wearing fashions that are too stuffy - life needs a bit of lightheartedness and whimsy via our wardrobe choices, if you ask me.

    Sending big, encouraging hugs your way,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica, so right you are ,life can be serious enough so have a little fun with your clothes.

  14. This is one of my favourite looks of yours. The coat is so gorgeous. The colour makes it classy and the ruffles are so pretty. I love the coloured shoes.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Imogen, hope all is travelling well with you.