Monday, 28 July 2014

Last week on a visit to
my local consignment store,
Return 2 Splendour I
discovered this wonderful
You know how it is,
when something speaks
to you, it must come home
and so it did.

Today on a visit
to see my in laws,
we stopped in the
small town of Latrobe
to take some shots.
This is a popular picnic
spot, known as Bells Parade,
must come back on a
warm summer day.

Behind me on the left
is a bronze of concerts 
held here in 1890.
I can imagine the
ladies in their finery
enjoying the music
on a fine summer day.

I have worn the coat over
black , basic layers
and a short sleeve wool jacket
from several winters ago.

The soft,plush feel of the coat
is I`m sure what I fell for,
so warm and snugly.
The fabric reminds me
of a teddy bear, in fact
the sales lady warned me
to be prepared to be touched.
We will see.

A vintage tiger stripe
beret from the 60s, 
purchased online from
Poppy Vintage echoes
the plushness of the coat.

Winter clothes have
always been my favourites,
I am sure I will wear this coat for 
many years to come.

Spring fashion is starting
to appear in our stores,
the first daffodils are 
coming out , is Spring
on its way ?

Not for a while yet
in my area.

I don`t really mind
this winter has been fairly 
mild and there are coats
unworn so far.

Taking my winter garb
to join in the mostly summery
joy of Patti`s Visible Monday
and later in the week
joining Style Crone 
for Hat Attack


Monday, 21 July 2014

Winter White and Snowdrops

Snowdrops in the garden,
one of the joys of winter.
I love the sheer simplicity
of form of these tiny little 

This winter white jacket
by Didier Parakin has been
a favourite part of my winter
dressing for many winters.
I love its shape , the rufflled edges
and the super sized buttons.

Pairing the jacket
with a straight black
skirt by VSSP.
black opaque tights,
worn with red Ara 
ankle boots.

A slate grey velvet hat
with a large black bow
by Crochetta is my
chapeau of the day.
This is another hat
from the early 80s
and wearing it evokes
memories of times passed.

Discovering a new hellebore,
 flowering for the first time,
this to me is the pleasure
of a garden.

The simplest things
are often what gives the 
greatest joy.

The last few weeks
have been challenging
after loosing my job,
much soul searching.

One day at time,
appreciate the small things,
they often give us the most joy.

Taking my shoes to
join Sheila for Shoe Shine
joining Mis Papelicos
for Share-in-Style
the theme is white.


Monday, 14 July 2014

By The River

By the river at a local picnic
spot called Corra Lynn on 
a clear, cool winter day.
This area is a very popular
swimming hole in the summer.

Today I am wearing
a Marlene Birger top,
(another animal print),
with my wide leg pants
by Nicola Waite.
I am a big fan of all manner
of animal print , for me it 
plays the part of a neutral
I have added my favourite
beads and cream bangles.

My brown velvet hat 
is by Crochetta and was
purchased from a local
hat shop in the 80s that
sadly is no more.
The lovely lady owner
passed away a few years ago
and I think of her every time
I wear one of her  hats.
Sadly now in our town the 
 small owner operated shops
are disappearing rapidly, to be
replaced by chain stores.
Boots by Aquatalia,so comfy
but suede and fur for dry days only.
Joining with Patti at Visible Monday


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Jean Day

I rarely wear jeans these days,
not sure why 
when Share-In- Style
had denim as a theme I dug
these old jeans from the back
of the wardrobe.

Added a spotty top by Marlene Birger
and a wool jacket that has seen many winters..
The splodgey scarf came with this months
Harpers Bazaar.
Warm hat by Helen Kaminski. 

A time of change for me at present,
this week was the first week
of being officially unemployed.
I know I am not ready to retire
as yet so am job hunting but
am realistic that in difficult financial
times this will not be an easy task.
The ebb and flow of life will
take me along.

Like all of life`s challenges I am
trying to see this time as a new beginning,
a change of purpose.
Not sure what path I will take,
much soul searching still to be done.

  Joining Sacramento
The Style Crone
Share-in- Style