Sunday, 1 June 2014


Purple is a colour that I am not usually seen in but
I fell in love with this jacket by Ted Baker
and I stepped very much outside my comfort 
zone and I must admit it felt good.

Sometimes, it is just too easy to stay
with the familiar and never change
a thing.

The building I am standing in 
front of is our State Parliament.
Many a change that affects our
population happens here.

Leaning on a lamp post in Parliament
Gardens teaming the purple with
a black skirt , black booties, gloves
and a purple cocktail hat.

Overlooking the docks, contemplating
which way my next move out
of my comfort zone will be.

The large red ship behind me is
the Aurora Australis, an Antarctic
Supply Ship, that takes both supplies
and personnel , now that is really
leaving that comfort zone.

Maybe I  have already stepped
outside that comfort zone, posing for
photographs in public .
This comes with rewards,
a lovely compliment from a lady
yesterday on how nice it was to see
someone make an effort to dress up, 
she really made my day.

Joining in with Patti at Visible Monday
taking my hat to Style Crone and Hat Attack.



  1. Love the whole outfit from the shoes, via the flash of petticoat to the hat. Fabulous.

    1. Thank you so much , so pleased to meet you. As I said quite a change of colour for me.

  2. Lovely outfit Jill. Love the color and style of the jacket.

    1. Thank you Elsie, it was the style of the jacket that I fell for. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Purple suits you beautifully, Jill! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

    1. Thank you Patti, sometimes it pays to change. Always a pleasure to join Visible Monday

  4. Leaving one's comfort zone is a great way to spend time. I think it's a health enhancer. Your choice of purple jacket and hat made my morning! Vibrant and life enhancing. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

    1. Leaving the comfort zone does certainly have rewards, must admit I had not thought of health enhancing .I am enjoying wearing purple, glad you liked it. Always enjoy Hat Attack and perusing the wonderful headwear.

  5. You just wow me every time. I don't think I'll every have your styling aplomb, and you always dress yourself into an elevated level of individual style that is more than admirable. Just gorgeous, you, and you are not only standing in front of your state Parliament, you look like you own the place! Beautiful.

  6. Jan you certainly know how to boost a gals confidence . The purple is growing on me and I feel it will get many an outing this winter.

  7. Dear Jill, you look radiantly gorgeous! I adore the sophistication and sartorial eloquence (surely our outfits speak on our behalf) of this instantly captivating black and purple ensemble and think this silhouette looks especially fetching on you, my lovely friend.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica, my dear, you are so generous with your words. I agree that our outfits speak on our behalf and very much relay a sense of us to others.Thank you so much for dropping by , very much appreciated as I know how busy you are with your new venture.X

  8. It is delightful to see you dressed like this! SO elegant and chic in an amazing colour (and very Kate Middleton!) - I love what you are wearing! Lovely to meet you via Hat attack!x

  9. Thank you so much Kezzie, had to smile at the Kate Middleton . Glad to meet another Hat Attack girl.

  10. Oh wow, everything about this post is simply stunning. I am so in love with the purple coat, the colour is exquisite and the style is so gorgeous. Perfect.

  11. Thank you Imogen for your generous comments. The style and colour is what I too love about the jacket, it will get many outings this winter,

  12. Changes aren't easy sometimes, but yes, to exit the confort zone can produce good effects! Purple suits you, and the jacket has a feminine style which is lovable ( just the same as the small hat! )
    I always enjoy seeing new places...I love the post...

  13. Glad you enjoyed the post, I enjoy showing my part of the world, Salamanca is an area I enjoy visiting.As for purple, I am becoming quite happy in it now.