Sunday, 15 June 2014

A Rescue Mission

After work on Saturday I received
a distress call from my husband, his
old MG had broken down and he
needed help.
He had driven to see his elderly
mother at her nursing home,
a two and a half hour return
trip from home.
So being the kind wife,
I drove to collect him.

The car stayed over night
in the nursing home car park.
Next morning with the new
part in hand we returned,
John installed the part,
(an O ring I am told)
and the car was slowly
and safely driven home.

What to wear on a rescue mission,
Black with a touch
of taupe seemed appropriate
for the day.

I chose wide leg pant
by Nicola Waite.
Topped with taupe wool jacket
from Lisa Ho.

The jacket and pants
were paired with a
Helen Kaminski wool turban,
shoes /boots Anaid Kapori.

I just love these boots,
they are black suede with
a fur trim.

My long black leather
gloves are by Dents and
have kept my hands
warm for many winters.

We stopped at a picnic area
on the way home where
these shots were taken.

A quiet, little spot
at this time of year
compared to summer
where it is filled with
holiday makers.

Enjoying the quiet, a busy
week ahead.
Off to Melbourne this week,
to see our son and catch
up with friends. 

Also to enjoy all that
a big city has to offer.

Joining Patti and all
the other inspiring souls
at Visible Monday.

P.S.  The MG Made it home
without a hitch.



  1. You are indeed a kind and supportive mate, Jill. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, I really like your hat and the whole outfit, head to toe.

    1. Thanks so much Patti, always enjoy Visible Monday. Sometimes you just have to lend a hand, I have earned lots of brownie points, will keep them up my sleeve.

  2. You look really chic and ready to ride in this fabulous car when it is fixed.

    1. Thank you so much Pam, the car is now fully fixed and going well.

  3. Very chic outfit! I love your turban which is so cute on you! ( never go on a mission without a touch of style!! :-)
    Your husband has a fantastic car... I can imagine you at his side driving along green fields!
    I am in love with big cities too...

  4. Must remember those words of advice Dan.I must admit the turban is a favourite and gets a lot of wear. I am looking forward to my city fix later in the week.

  5. Ah, you look like you fit right in with that beautiful vintage car! I love the wide leg pants and the turban! :)

  6. Hi, Jill. Your styling is fabulous!

    1. Hi, Lisa , thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.

  7. I love the turban. It's so elegant. I love how you dressed to assist your hubby. It is so fun to dress up just because.

    1. You are so right Glenda, it is fun to dress up just because.

  8. That whole outfit is so chic and stylish and that gorgeous turban is perfect for staying stylish in an open top car. Glad the car is fixed now.

    1. Thank you so much, the turban is great in the car, keeps my ears warm and the hair in place, style a bonus.

  9. Darling! You as Super-Heroine! So sorry for the MG issues. Know your huz is like a new mommy with it when it's not feeling well! You look marvelous. So cute in your very practical turban, too. The gloves are the best!

    1. Jan, you know my husband so well or is it that men with their cars are the same the world over! The MG is now fully recovered and safe and sound.

  10. Hi Ms James! I'm also a Ms James. Maybe we're related? ;)

    I love your elegance in these photos. The fabrics look so lush and soft.

  11. What a vision of tremendous sophistication and stylish beauty you are here, dear Jill. I bet you were a very elegant sight for sore eyes for your DH when you showed up looking as glam and chic as can possibly be! (Adore his MG, BTW :))

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica, thank you for your flattering comments. DH was indeed happy for the rescue mission.

  12. I love the combination of the turban, sunglasses, shrug and gloves...very glam! Hope you enjoyed your Melbourne trip! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I'm glad I found your blog through it. My son and I are planning a trip to Melbourne in the spring. Debbie @

    1. Thank you Debbie for your kind comments. We did enjoy Melbourne, hope your you and your son enjoy your Spring trip, it will hopefully be a little warmer.

  13. This is very classy and glam, it is a real joy to see your looks.

    1. Thank you so much Imogen, glad you enjoy my looks.

  14. What a fabulous look my dear! I see both you and your husband live live with stylish panache!