Monday, 30 June 2014

Animal In The Punchbowl

A freezing cold morning saw me donning
my animal print swing coat for a visit
to a local parkland known as The Punchbowl.

This area holds many happy memories
of numerous visits as our children
were growing up.  

Warm accessories were the order
of the day, I chose my black leather gloves,
 a black faux fox scarf and suede and patent
leather boots by Paco Herero.

My new hat , purchased on my
recent trip to Melbourne, has its
first outing. 
I fell for the shape and detail
on this little number and the fact
that it is Australian made.


Joining Visible Monday and taking my new hat
to Hat Attack


Thursday, 26 June 2014

A City Escape

Living as I do in a small regional
city, I always enjoy a city escape.
The fact that my son is now living
in Melbourne is a good reason
to visit.
I really enjoy the hustle and bustle
of a large city.

The mix of images above are
just a glimpse of the city
and don`t really do it justice.

While in Melbourne we visited
the Abbotsford Monastery,now
an art precinct with many
great eating places and
Heide Museum of Modern Art.

Heide has impressive gardens,
with the most amazing sculptures. 

Wearing black amongst the sculptures.
Black was my travel wardrobe,
with touches of colour in accessories.

Loved the shape, colour and
size of this sculpture.

An enjoyable few days
spent exploring , catching up with my
son and good friends.

Returning home to an
uncertain future, I finish work
next week , the business is closing.
Not sure of my next step, not ready
to retire!


Sunday, 15 June 2014

A Rescue Mission

After work on Saturday I received
a distress call from my husband, his
old MG had broken down and he
needed help.
He had driven to see his elderly
mother at her nursing home,
a two and a half hour return
trip from home.
So being the kind wife,
I drove to collect him.

The car stayed over night
in the nursing home car park.
Next morning with the new
part in hand we returned,
John installed the part,
(an O ring I am told)
and the car was slowly
and safely driven home.

What to wear on a rescue mission,
Black with a touch
of taupe seemed appropriate
for the day.

I chose wide leg pant
by Nicola Waite.
Topped with taupe wool jacket
from Lisa Ho.

The jacket and pants
were paired with a
Helen Kaminski wool turban,
shoes /boots Anaid Kapori.

I just love these boots,
they are black suede with
a fur trim.

My long black leather
gloves are by Dents and
have kept my hands
warm for many winters.

We stopped at a picnic area
on the way home where
these shots were taken.

A quiet, little spot
at this time of year
compared to summer
where it is filled with
holiday makers.

Enjoying the quiet, a busy
week ahead.
Off to Melbourne this week,
to see our son and catch
up with friends. 

Also to enjoy all that
a big city has to offer.

Joining Patti and all
the other inspiring souls
at Visible Monday.

P.S.  The MG Made it home
without a hitch.


Sunday, 8 June 2014

Winter White / Winter Fruits

Winter has arrived in my part
of the world, bringing with it 
cooler but still clear and sunny days.

The perfect day for my winter
white coat with the faux fur

Pairing the coat with the new
season pears and apples,
purchased at the Farmers Market.

Always a joy enjoying our
seasonal produce.

Each changing season
has its own joy, I am grateful 
to live where we have four 
distinct seasons.

Enjoying the winter sunshine
in my garden.

Another joy of the winter season
for me , the change to my
winter hat collection.
This winter white hat 
from Crochetta is from
the 80s.

Taking the winter whites and
winter fruits to join
Share-in-Style with the
very creative Sacramento.


Sunday, 1 June 2014


Purple is a colour that I am not usually seen in but
I fell in love with this jacket by Ted Baker
and I stepped very much outside my comfort 
zone and I must admit it felt good.

Sometimes, it is just too easy to stay
with the familiar and never change
a thing.

The building I am standing in 
front of is our State Parliament.
Many a change that affects our
population happens here.

Leaning on a lamp post in Parliament
Gardens teaming the purple with
a black skirt , black booties, gloves
and a purple cocktail hat.

Overlooking the docks, contemplating
which way my next move out
of my comfort zone will be.

The large red ship behind me is
the Aurora Australis, an Antarctic
Supply Ship, that takes both supplies
and personnel , now that is really
leaving that comfort zone.

Maybe I  have already stepped
outside that comfort zone, posing for
photographs in public .
This comes with rewards,
a lovely compliment from a lady
yesterday on how nice it was to see
someone make an effort to dress up, 
she really made my day.

Joining in with Patti at Visible Monday
taking my hat to Style Crone and Hat Attack.