Monday, 19 May 2014

Red for Change

Wearing a red coat dress by Mischa at 
the Inveresk Art Precinct.

This area was once the rail yards
and workshops but had been 
abandoned and derelict for many years.

About ten years ago it was redeveloped,
and now is home to the 
University of Tasmania School of Arts
and the museum.

Adding another layer,
my animal print wrap
as the wind kicked in.

Another change is in the
air for me, not just our fast 
approaching winter.

Time to assess my situation,
who knows what the future holds,
a new challenge , possibly
a change of direction, sounds exciting.

On a lighter note, meet Mabel,
who was commissioned by
the University of Tasmania .
She was made by a Canadian artist,
isn't she great, seems right at home
here in Launceston.

Admiring the scale of these old once derelict buildings,
now re purposed and fully used.

I find great pleasure seeing
something once considered an eyesore,
now such an important part in
the culture of our city bringing
joy for future generations.

Remnants of the past remain,
such as this engine.
Looking forward, glancing back.

A colourful collection of doors
on an old workshop now part
of the Museum, the interaction
of old and new.

I too am wearing both older
and newer.

Red coat dress
by Mischa
Animal print wrap ,
many seasons ago.
Black Hat by Helen Kaminski
Boots by Ara
Bracelet , by  Riley, a gift
from my husband many
birthdays ago.

Taking the red to join in
with Visible Monday

Sacramento at Share in Style, later 
in the week.

This quote rings
true for me this week.

"Accept what is, let go of what was,
have faith in what will be. "



  1. Gorgeous red coat, Jill. And I love your quote of the day, I will borrow it. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

    1. Pleased you borrowed the quote, it rings true for me. Always a pleasure to join Visible Monday.

  2. Love the red! Looks great on you. The combo of red and black is a fav, and the coat is a great fit
    Please drop by , from VM link up

  3. Thankyou Jessica for dropping by. Red and black for me always a winner.

  4. Hi, Jill. You look gorgeous and classic in the red with animal print. Thanks for stopping by my place. :)

  5. Oh dear Jill … your red and black with the leopard … pure outfit perfection! I am going to pin this one to my muse board … so as to remember to add leopard to my red jacket come fall! The biggest of kudos on this fabulous post!

    Thank you so very much for your kind and encouraging words on my post today … your quote truly speaks to my heart.

    Much Love to you my dear.

    1. Thank you, Tamera, leopard for me goes with most everything. Tickled pink by the inclusion on your muse board. Always a pleasure to visit, I sometimes feel our paths run alongside each other.

  6. Gorgeous Jill!! Leopard is a neutral for me as well. You're looking very chic in your red and black with leopard.

    1. Thank you Jennifer for your kind comments. Glad others see a little leopard in the same way.

  7. I also think leopard as a neutral :) You look amazing in red, very stylish, dear.
    Your quote it's a great reminder..... it speaks to me indeed.
    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and left those words of support. Glad you liked my new hair style, I've been in doubts.
    All the best, dear Jill.

    1. Seeker, so glad the quote related to you, sometimes words can make us see things in a different light.
      I do indeed like the new do, spring for me is often a time for a change.Thank you for you kind words.Take care, my dear. XO

  8. You're not alone, leopard is a natural to me as well. I recently saw a friend pair it with purple, which I don't think I've ever done, and am eager to give it a try soon. Red and aqua are two of my faves to pair this classic spotted pattern with, so naturally I adore how you've styled your leopard scarf here with a bold, beautiful red coat as its elegant background.

    Big hugs and the deepest of heartfelt thanks for your caring, supportive comment (re: my new Etsy shop), dear Jill.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Must try the leopard with purple, sometimes the unexpected works so well. Be it modern or vintage a little leopard is always a favourite.
      My pleasure re you new Etsy shop , I am sure you will be a great success, just spied some great hats, for when the budget allows. Thank you dear, Jessica x

  9. Wow! That red coat-dress is a stunner! You have some glorious coats, young lady. Looking beautiful, and I'm so glad to see the tour of your art school. I took my degree at one, and there's an energy about them that's wonderful even if you're just visiting!
    What's the coming change? Hope it's good change for you!

  10. Sure can see you in art school, your right they definately have an energetic vibe. I feel this space is perfect for all that energy. My coats collection has happened over many years, I have always loved a winter coat, lucky I live in one of Australia's states. Change I find is good, even if it is apparent at the time( about now really).

  11. Looking super stunning in red!

  12. Thank you so much Imogen. Enjoy your Sydney weather.

  13. Red is a beautiful bright colour which can brighten a chilly autumn day...your coat is nice on you!
    I love knowing about Australia, so I have enjoyed your post!

    1. I agee red can brighten us on a dull, chilly day. So glad you enjoy a little glimpse of my part of Australia, I enjoy sharing it. I too appreciate seeing your part of Italy, it is so picturesque and steeped in so much history.