Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bronze, Black & A Shoe Conundrum

Wearing my and black  ponte & leather leggings and black
top to catch up with a friend for coffee, also these
ankle boots which I love and have had for 
many winters.

Grabbing this bronze coat by Paula Ryan as
I was about to leave as rain was threatening.

The same outfit , different shoes, the practical
kind . As much as I love my boots walking
home from meeting my friend in them not an option.
Some times... comfort wins out!!

Taking both pairs to join
with Sheila at Shoe Shine.


Monday, 19 May 2014

Red for Change

Wearing a red coat dress by Mischa at 
the Inveresk Art Precinct.

This area was once the rail yards
and workshops but had been 
abandoned and derelict for many years.

About ten years ago it was redeveloped,
and now is home to the 
University of Tasmania School of Arts
and the museum.

Adding another layer,
my animal print wrap
as the wind kicked in.

Another change is in the
air for me, not just our fast 
approaching winter.

Time to assess my situation,
who knows what the future holds,
a new challenge , possibly
a change of direction, sounds exciting.

On a lighter note, meet Mabel,
who was commissioned by
the University of Tasmania .
She was made by a Canadian artist,
isn't she great, seems right at home
here in Launceston.

Admiring the scale of these old once derelict buildings,
now re purposed and fully used.

I find great pleasure seeing
something once considered an eyesore,
now such an important part in
the culture of our city bringing
joy for future generations.

Remnants of the past remain,
such as this engine.
Looking forward, glancing back.

A colourful collection of doors
on an old workshop now part
of the Museum, the interaction
of old and new.

I too am wearing both older
and newer.

Red coat dress
by Mischa
Animal print wrap ,
many seasons ago.
Black Hat by Helen Kaminski
Boots by Ara
Bracelet , by  Riley, a gift
from my husband many
birthdays ago.

Taking the red to join in
with Visible Monday

Sacramento at Share in Style, later 
in the week.

This quote rings
true for me this week.

"Accept what is, let go of what was,
have faith in what will be. "


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Pink Memories

I tend to add  pink in my accesories rather than 
full on pink.

Pink for me evokes strong memories of my 
daughter, India, who passed away in 2001
of a brain tumour.

India loved wearing all things pink,
the brighter the better.

India was known as the Pink Princess,
a title she fully embraced from tiara
to pink tutu and anything pink in between.

On this Mothers Day I am wearing
my pinks for India and 
surrounding myself with
wonderful pink memories.

Sharing my pinks with all
the other pink lovelies at


Monday, 5 May 2014

An Edgey Black Jacket

This wool jacket by New Zealand label Sabatini with its
interesting details , is one I wear time and time again
over the winter.
I love the ruffle edged in metal and the
leather strips on the pockets.
Black brings the details to the fore, I'm not
sure it would work in another colour.

Teaming the jacket with a black tunic
by Paula Ryan and black Marc Cain
ponte pants.
Adding  Ara red suede ankle boots,
wearing these for the first time
as they were purchased at the end of
last winter.
Adding colour with bakelite bangles
and a ceramic necklace.

In my kitchen overlooking
the garden on a very wet day ,
wearing my reading glasses
by Tom Ford.

I fully embraced the need
for readers not just for practical
purposes but as another accessory.

Joining all the other stylish souls
at Visible Monday

A little glamour,my way, every day