Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Autumn days are starting to bring a change,
cooler temperatures and the joy of
rediscovering past friends, such as this winter 
white cape from several seasons past.

Change also came today with a visit
to my hairdresser and a different colour.
a little redder, very similar
to the rosehips.


I have a confession to make, I love
winter clothes, I adore  wearing
jackets, coats and capes and of
course winter hats.
Fortunately I live in the
coldest state in Australia.

Sorting my hats is always a
pleasure, putting the summer
hats to the higher shelves
and the winter hats to 
the fore, rediscovering
favourites such as
this lovely by
Helen Kaminski.

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Beret and A Trench

Over the Easter break on a fine, clear but cool Autumn day
my husband and I in need of some exercise,walked to
the spectacular Cataract Gorge, on the edge
of our city.

The Alexandra Suspension Bridge is known 
locally as the Swinging Bridge because despite 
the sign everyone swings the bridge side 
to side.
The views from the bridge make 
it worthwhile.

Sitting on the rocks enjoying the sunshine,
wearing a black trench coat by Country Road
that has seen many an Autumn day and
my bow beret , perfect for the day.

I am indeed fortunate to have such
natural beauty so close to home.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing
a little of my part of the world.


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Beads In The Botanical Gardens

Visiting the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
in Hobart, the capital city of my state.
The gardens were established in 1818
and are the second oldest Botanical Gardens 
in Australia.

Posing in an archway of the Eardley- Wilmot Wall.
This wall was named in honour of Sir John Eardley-Wilmot,
Lieutenant-Governor of Tasmania in
the early days of colonisation. 

Admiring the roses on the arbour, for me as a 
rose lover always a highlight.

Wearing a cream and grey fedora by Crochetta,
purchased in Sydney, teamed with a vanilla
leather jacket by Caroline Moore .

This interesting water structure forms
part of the Japanese Garden.
Autumn colours feature in the


 I have had these glass beads for many years,
 they were a birthday gift from my husband.

. A pleasure to wear, with so many
colours, they go with everything , adding
another element to a neutral background.

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A little glamour, my way, every day.


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Some Flowers and Some Bubbles

 Visiting Janz Vineyard, makers of very fine
sparkling wines on a fine, Autumn day.
Adding my favourite scarf, it reminds me of an old
world painting with its black background and large bright flowers.

 A close up of the floral details in the
matching bag, such  handy size.

 The stunning interior of the tasting area, such 
a pleasant place to sit and enjoy little tastes
of their wines, some of which are not normally 
available, or if they are not in my budget.

A very enjoyable mid- week day off.

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Sunday, 6 April 2014


The chill of Autumn is in the air today, so a
warmer jacket was the order of the day.

I love a leather jacket and have
collected several over many years, 
starting in 1975 with a burgundy
one  bought in England.
Working in two stores selling
leather surely helped
my collection to grow, cost
price is always a bonus.

A back view of the jacket,
looking a little like 
armour from this angle.
The jacket is by
Harry Who, and has been with
me for many years.

The lovely Tamera Beardsley had an
interesting post on her blog today about
the importance of taking photographs
of ourselves. 
Accepting ourselves as the vibrant, powerful
women we are is so important and more so as we age.

The cool change is a good 
excuse to bring out my
leopard gloves to
keep the shoes company.

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Beautiful words from one wonderful lady.

These words also describe a friend
who left us suddenly this week.

My heart and thoughts are with
her husband, daughters and grandchildren.

Rest in peace, my dear, we are
all the better for having you in our lives.


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Tale Of Two Hats

On a warm Autumn morning two hats sat in their
place in the closet , just waiting for an outing.

These hats had travelled far across the ocean to their
new home in Tasmania.  

On this particular morning their owner 
could not decide which of the hats to choose,
so both hats came out to play.

They visited a now almost deserted semi-industrial 
where they perched happily on their new owners head.
adding a touch of whimsy to her black and white outfit.

Black pixie hat is from the 1950's 
and  the name alone takes me
back to another time .

This little hat in red and green
is labelled Gwen Pennington, New York,
and I am told is 1930's.
I love its shape , colours  and
the various bows on the side
and that it can be worn in a 
multitude of ways.

Wearing white jacket Scope( gifted)
Skirt and legging, Paula Ryan
Bag  Rachel Ruddick

We are joining all the other
wonderful hats with Judith at Hat Attack
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