Sunday, 19 January 2014

Summer White

Wearing all white during our recent heatwave.

There is something about crisp white on a sweltering hot summer day.

Jacket : Paula Ryan
Top: Mela Purdie
Pants: OBI

I love the everything about this Jolly Venezia necklace,the shape, colour 
and the way it sits on my neck.Unfortunately my photo does not show the colour,
it is a much brighter orange.

This is a closer view of the hat I'm Australian milliner Helen Kaminski.

It was quite windy when the photos were taken so the hat if sitting quite low on my head,
normally I would place the hat further back on my head, so more of my face and hair are seen.
The joy of hats, how changing their placement makes such a difference.
I am so enjoying wearing my hats this year.

                           I was in Hobart, my states capital city. Views over the Derwent River.

                           A great day coming home with beautiful apricots, my favourite summer 
                           fruit , a cover for my husbands kayak and my new hat.


                          Once again, thank you for visiting.





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