Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Summer Florals in Pinks and Greys

Summer florals in pink and greys became the order of the day , after I found this frilled grey blouse
hidden in the depths of my closet. It is silk by Ted Baker and was bought many moons ago and became the perfect companion for grey and pink floral cotton oriental inspired coat and black Moyuru pants. I also added a black studded belt, a grey hat bought from a milliner last year in Paris
and putty coloured Sergio Rossi wedges.

Today's photos were taken by my sister in her lovely garden. I had intended to use a tripod and the self timer on my camera for today's shoot but after a series of near disasters involving a tripod with
a wonky leg and my problems with the self timer , I admitted defeat. Time to invest in a remote that's for sure, if I plan on doing more on my own.
I enjoy photography , it has been a hobby of mine for many years , dating back to working for Kodak
in the 1970's and early 1980's. Usually my subjects are flowers, buildings and scenery and I delight in unusual objects and details. The digital side of photography has been very much a learning curve with
so much to still discover .

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Monday, 6 February 2017

Vintage Beret and a Matisse-Inspired Top

Some days call for an artistic touch and as my skills with the paint brush are extremely limited , I
wore this Matisse-Inspired top instead. I have owned this mesh cardigan for several Summers and
so enjoy its painterly vibe and its bright mix of colours. It is made in Australia by Nicola Waite.

I would love to say that I continued my Parisian painterly vibe with this vintage beret but quite frankly I hadn't thought of that until a friend commented on my Instagram post, thank you Elizabeth.
I found this vintage beret at a pop up vintage store last year and fell for its shape and clever ribbon
details.I had been on the look out for just the right jacket in either green or gold and 1940's or 1950's
style but so far no luck , maybe my parameters are too specific, may have to rethink this one.
I know nothing about this little beret except a name on the inside band , Hendersons , I am guessing
it is possibly late 1940's.

A closer look at the back detail of the beret and my bangles, the green ones bought for a song in Paris
last year and the mustard yellow is bakelite bought at an antique store in Latrobe a while ago.

Now if I was a really clever blogger this is where I would show an image of a Matisse painting but as that eludes me I will show these early wooden windmills that are part of Woolmers Estate ,one of our very early historic estates. The windmills and the water tower , picture below, harnessed water from
the Macquarie River for the estate.

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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Coral in the City Park

Today's photo shoot took place in our City Park, an important part of our small city since it
was established in the 1820's. The cast iron fountain behind me was commissioned to celebrate
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

The building behind me houses Japanese Macaque monkeys a gift to our city from our Sister City,
Ikeda, Japan. The monkey's antics always enjoyed by both little and big people.

I have embarked on a personal styling challenge . My aim is wear a different outfit every day , I can
repeat items just not together. The reason for my challenge is that since not working on a regular basis I find myself just wearing the same things on rotation unless I am going out and about.
Time for a change of thinking and playing again with my clothes on a daily basis.
Today's outfit a reflection of my challenge , the coral coat was purchased a few years ago for my
nephew's wedding  but is now worn more casually with my grey and cream cotton Moyuru cotton pants , a white tank top and a black vest from Sarah Paccini.

Also time to play with shoes , these are by Fly London , made in Portugal that I purchased last May
in Lisbon , Portugal. Every wear brings happy memories of a wonderful few days in that glorious city. I so hope both the shoes and I can return someday. Cream and black necklace and bangles and sunnies complete the look.

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Monday, 23 January 2017

Re-purposing in Red

Re-purposing items I have owned for some time that tend to linger in my closet taking up space is always an ongoing project , albeit sometimes a challenge for a non-sewer like me.
Today I had some fun re-purposing this red cocktail dress into something more my style today.

I still loved the colour , my orange red so hard to find, but frankly it was too small these days and even if that weren't an issue it was too short with a scoopy neck and way too low at the front. So an
over dress or vest was born and I must admit to being pleased with the result.

My black and silver Moyuru skirt billows underneath , along with a plain black Paula Ryan top .
Red silk espadrilles from many Summers past , bangles and black and white necklace are today's
accessories. My little bejeweled and tasell hat is from Tasmanian milliner Susan McMahon who
creates some of the most beautiful millinery .

Another example of re-purposing discovered recently was this early stone building , built about 1820,
that was part of our states convict history. It is on an early property named Sommercotes , that now grows and sells the most beautiful cherries . This building is now a cafe and cherry shop , re-purposing at its delicious best.

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Neutrals, Stripes and Tasmanian History

On a drive by the Tamar River , not far from where I live , we stopped by this lovely church, a part
of our Tasmanian history. Auld Kirk was built between 1843 and 1844 by both convict and free
labour and is still a big part of the community today.

 Timeless neutrals seemed perfect to take in some local history. I discovered this beige and white
Basler cotton jacket at a local recycle store a while ago and must admit to being rather pleased
with its shape and finishing touches, it has gorgeous shell like buttons. I know beige gets a rather
bad wrap as being bland and boring but for me it will always play a part in my wardrobe. Wear what
you like and what suits you I say.

The jacket was paired with Moyaru pants that are a darker blue with a black and tan stripe and
light brown suede slingbacks from many seasons ago that sadly get few outings these days due
to the heel height, oh how easy it is to get out of the way of wearing heels. My hat is another old
favourite from Crochetta , purchased in Sydney long ago .I also wore cream vintage clip on earrings,
a necklace and my usual sunnies.

On another note , more overseas travel in the pipeline, we are off to Japan in mid March , so much
planning to be done but to say I am a little excited would be an understatement.If anyone has travelled there any ideas would be most welcome.

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