Monday, 14 May 2018

Casual Blacks and My Happy Place

 I am sure we all have somewhere that we call our happy place .For me it is the Cataract Gorge , a natural river gorge about 15 minutes from home. The natural beauty of this area and its many walks never seems to fail me but I do admit to enjoying it more at this time of year with its pretty Autumn tones and lack of visitors, selfish I know.
It is a great place for walking as there are many walking paths , some flat and easy , others steep and
tricky but providing stunning views. It was always popular as a family outing when the children were growing up, to either walk, picnic or swim in the pool during Summer.
I also found it a very healing place as I grieved following the loss of my daughter several years ago.

 Every vista evokes memories , I remember swimming, socialising and sunbaking on the rock pools under the suspension bridge as a teenager and I have the sun spots to show for my lack of sun smarts.

The resident peacocks always provide colour and delight the visitors.They were introduced here in the late 1800's as part of the parklands area that surrounds the gorge. 

 Today's outfit is rather casual and all has featured many times previously but this is real life not one that is picture perfect and my clothes are worn on repeat.My now slightly faded black Moyuru pants , black knit and leather Harry Who jacket were paired with multi-coloured beads and Clomp comfy lace-up shoes with white and red eyes, that doesn't really show.

Apologies not only for being absent from blogging but not visiting others, computer problems hopefully now sorted.
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Monday, 30 April 2018

Orange Amidst The Trees

 Orange of all shades has been a long time favourite of mine and I enjoy wearing it all year round.
Quite by accident I had chosen my Ark duster coat in its burnt orange glory to visit an area usually known for its Spring splendour- it has the most magnificent rhododendrons.
John had read an article in the local paper while out and about this morning and decided it was just the spot  for today's photos.

 We weren't disappointed the colours were at their peak . We hadn't been here for many years and have made a mental note to hopefully return in Spring.

 Coincidentally I have been reading an article about the importance of spending time in the natural world and the enrichment it adds to out lives. A Japanese term that I rather like is shinrin-yoku
("absorbing the forest atmosphere") . Studies have shown how walking amongst the trees enhances health and wellbeing.
That said it certainly brings out the naughty child in me- who can resist playing in a pile of leaves.

 Enjoying the view on a glorious Autumn day . Today's outfit consists of the burnt orange Ark coat, Moyuru pants, black knit, black suede Boch shoes, orange gloves and orange hat both purchased in Paris two years ago, beads and orange earrings.

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Monday, 23 April 2018

Black and Cream, A National Trust House and Garden and an Auction

Black and cream was my choice for today's outfit for a visit to Franklin House , a National trust property , on Launceston's outskirts.

We made a small detour to a local auction house to view the items on offer for this week's auction on Thursday. Among the usual antique furniture, paintings and china my eye was drawn to several items not usually seen at our general auctions, these include Chanel handbags, a Chanel belt and a Hermes scarf in its original box.

I must admit to being most taken with this wonderful top hat and original box from Harrods in London. I always wonder about the previous owner and the events and places this hat has seen.

Hidden among the furniture I spied these Victorian garments, I do hope they find a good home.

The gardens at Franklin House are beautiful at any time of year and are quite popular for weddings.
They are tended by a group of volunteers.

Franklin House was built in 1838 for local businessman Britton Jones and later went on to become a private school. In 1960 it became the birthplace of the National Trust in Tasmania , which was formed to save it from demolition.

I was honoured this week to be featured on Inside Out Style for their series Stylish Thoughts. I am in some very stylish company. The link is

My black and white outfit consists of old favourites - skirt by verge, a black top from Paula Ryan,
Black velvet cape from Howard Showers , hat by Max Alexander , black suede booties, black gloves and Chanel sunnies, black and cream art deco earring found at a local thrift shop.

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Confessions Of A Collector

I have a confession to make I am a collector . My collections are many and varied but each gives me joy on a daily basis. The collections vary depending on my interests at the time , in my early married days at the setting up house stage I amassed a collection of blue and white china and early Australian pottery. At the same time we started buying antique and collectable furniture. The chaise lounge that Raffy and I are sitting on has been in our house for over 40 years, it probably should be recovered but I am rather fond of its slightly worn look (we have that in common).

 The brass and iron bedstead in our bedroom is one I have owned for what seems forever. I bought it from two ladies that ran a small secondhand shop from their front room in a house a few doors up from my family home. At the time it was blue and chrome and very shabby. My mother helped me bring it home on the condition that it came via the back lane so the neighbours wouldn't see us.
After having the chrome reverse plated and finding a few replacement pieces it was painted black , which it stayed for many years , only becoming white about five years ago when I redecorated the bedroom. No comfortable modern bedroom suite could ever have so many tales to tell.

Of course my collections are by no means only house related. After my sons left home I found myself with a spare room , very handy to turn into my version of a walk in robe. My out of season coats and jackets live on a rolling rack here, mainly because I ran out of space in my built in wardrobe.
My ever growing hat collection finds a home here , stored in hat boxes and in the chest of drawers, along with my gloves and sunglasses.

I have collected bangles for as long as I can remember , some are bakelite, some resin , a few ceramic  and many  simply plastic. They come from a variety of sources some from my travels , some bought retail but many from charity shops.

 I was given this beautiful antique porcelain doll many years ago , it had belonged to the wife of my mothers employer. I hope one day to hand her on to my grandchildren . The much loved teddy in his blue vest has been a part of my life since my second birthday.

 A peek at some of my hat boxes , I am always on the look out for interesting ones.
The Pears Soap prints on the wall are another love of mine.

My love of collecting extends to my garden with my various plant collection- from old roses to oriental poppies .
For today's collectors tour I was wearing a white pussy bow shirt from Maison Scotch , my Moyuru skirt, a furry shrug and velvet and feather hat bought in Portugal .
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Monday, 9 April 2018

Autumn Gold, Chartreuse and Black and White

Autumn Gold, Chartreuse and Black and White were the order of the day for today's photos taken in a parkland in the small town of Evandale.  The parkland backs on to church grounds and encompasses the early church graveyard.

 I find old grave yards fascinating as they tell so much about our states early settlers. My sister is exploring our family history and we have visited several grave yards together and managed to locate many of our early family headstones. I am always saddened by the many children's headstones.

Today was a clear sunny Autumn day with a little chill in the air so my much loved layers came out to play - with my short black and white check Privilege jacket worn under my chartreuse linen duster and paired with my Maude Dainty frilled wide leg pants. It was still warm enough for sandals so out came my black patent leather Sonia Rykiel favourites. My black and white spot gloves, black boater ,white clip on earrings and a new  black and white necklace finish off today's outfit.

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